How To Launder Your Money.

So recently we’ve been lucky enough to get our filthy sea faring hands on the third series of AMC’s outrageously good crime drama Breaking Bad.

As we’ve documented in a previous post no British channel over here looks set to air this season any time soon. During our marathon catch-up, (isn’t it ironic just how addictive this series about crystal meth can be?), we were thrilled to learn just how easy it can be to launder dirty money as explained by the legendary lawyer Saul Goodman.

When Will Breaking Bad Series 3 Air In The UK?

If like us you are going positively blue with frustration over the fact that there seems to be absolutely no sign of any channel in the UK broadcasting the third series, (never mind the fourth), of the crime drama Breaking Bad, then prepare to pop your cork.

As America digests the fourth series, (the finale aired at the weekend), in what has been hailed as the best yet by TV critics, there are currently no plans to broadcast the third series here in the UK. Not only that but there also appears to be some sort of delay for it’s DVD release in this country, both Amazon and have pre-order pages for the product but no information on it’s actual release date and they’ve remained in this state of limbo for months now.

What amazes us is that FX originally aired the first series around two years ago and then the show’s rights were purchased by Five USA who replayed the first series and then broadcast the second at an ungodly hour, with the finale being aired at midnight on New Year’s Eve, which understandably by-passed nearly everyone.

The show was effectively buried by two separate channels, which is probably the reason why it hasn’t been picked up since. It’s certainly difficult for British fans of the show whose only option appears to be downloading the series over the Internet. What angers us even more is that an engaging series which has picked up six Emmy awards and critical acclaim across the planet has been practically ignored in favour of yet more vapid reality television. Hopes for UK fans to enjoy series three and four have pretty much flatlined.