Drunk Woman Rolls Under Train…Like A Ninja.

The video above of a drunk woman exiting a train at Barnsley Station, in South Yorkshire, and then falling under said train has been released by British Transport Police as part of their campaign to warn the public of the dangers of being drunk on station platforms.

Thankfully the woman escaped with minor injuries after other passengers helped fish her out. Hey, maybe she wasn’t drunk, maybe she just saw someone she couldn’t be bothered to speak to and decided to roll, tuck and hide. We’ve all done it.

But seriously kids don’t roll under trains drunk…or sober for that matter.

Woman Spits Out Racial Bile At Train Passengers.

Here’s that very NSFW video doing the rounds of a female mouth breather racially abusing passengers on a London train, while her own baby sits on her knee.

Apparently British transport police have made a statement that a 34 year-old woman has been arrested in connection with this video and is being questioned on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence.

What year is this again? Oh that’s right it’s 2011. In Buck Rogers years we should be flying around in jet packs, wearing tight fitting silvery suits with our very own robot to take care of all our needs, but no instead we’re here on a tightly packed commuter train that smells of arse, as a foul mouthed predujudiced illeterate decides to claim Britain for herself and hurl racial abuse at everyone else as her baby bounces on her fascist knee.