Afternoon Dubloons – Links In Brief(s).

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Stuff which what we found interestin’.



The actual front page news story of today’s Daily Star.

Richard Linklater might be about to film a sequel to his 1993 cult classic movie Dazed & Confused – (Sequels Prequels)

Scientists have created a crystal which might be able to let us breathe underwater – (The Independent)

Over 11,000 Scots have signed a petition telling ex-PM Gordon Brown to go f**k himself – (Change.Org)

Woman places potato in vagina, potato begins to germinate. Shock then ensues. – (Style Lite)

Hunger Games stuntman falls to death after failed parkour jump in Lisbon – (Gawker)

British teenager obsessed with TV series Dexter dismembers his girlfriend – (BuzzFeed)

Some teens breakdown the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody without knowing who sang that song – (Laughing Squid)

The creator of the cult cartoon series Adventure Time stepped down last season without anyone knowing – (Mary Sue)

300 movie tribute t-shirt available at Stealthy Giant.

Beyonce Just Hates These Pics!

beyonce letter

I treat the Internet like a loyal, fun filled pet. A cute, sometimes spikey, ball of wonderful giving which I will love till the day I die and here’s just one simple example why.

Following Beyonce’s half-time performance at this year’s Superbowl it was leaked through the information superhighway that the pop star’s publicist, acting on behalf of her employer’s instructions, contacted the website Buzzfeed, (see copy of e-mail above), to ask that certain ‘unflattering‘ pictures of the singer be removed immediately. Of course rich, famous, egotistical people continue to make the simple mistake of addressing the Internet as a controllable minion when in reality it’s a shit covered kitten high on cat-nip that you have no fucking hope in hell of controlling.

The outcome was predictable as Buzzfeed informed it’s readers dutifully of the correspondence and much hilarity, at the expensive of an overpaid narcissist, ensued.

Here’s a collection of the best shopped pics of the singer so far. Good boy Internet. Good boy.

beyonce 1 beyonce 2 beyonce 3 beyonce 4 beyonce 5 beyonce 6 beyonce 7 beyonce 8 beyonce 9 beyonce 10

Afternoon Dubloons – Links In Brief(s).

Stuff which what we found interestin’.


Naked man found wandering around a German wood turns out to be a monk who was tripping balls on some berries – (The Local)

Some stunt footage of the Fast And The Furious 6 currently being filmed in Glasgow – (SPR&R)

Robbers toss out all their stolen cash onto the streets of LA during police chase – (NBC Los Angeles)

Hider in the house. Woman fnds ex-boyfriend living in her attic 12 years after they broke up – (Huffington Post)


Fantastic piece about the dark history surrounding ‘old timey’ stand-up comics in the 50s and their relationships with Las Vegas and The Mob – (WFMU)

The many different faces and expressions of Britters on American X Factor – (Buzzfeed)

5 videos of super human reflexes that saved lives. Avengers assemble! – (Cracked)

The amazing story of the scientist who nearly died while debunking ‘the hottest day on earth’ – (IO9)





Afternoon Dubloons – Links In Brief(s)

Stuff which what we found interestin'.


Buy a Game Of Thrones replica Iron Throne for only $30,000. – LA Times

A beginners guide on how to fire a shotgun and more importantly how to treat it with the respect it deserves. – Art Of Manliness.

Due to a spate of cannibal related crimes in the US the Centers For Disease Control is forced to assure everyone a zombie apocalypse isn’t going to happen. – Gamma Squad

The Call Of Duty – Black Ops 2 trailer was screened to nerds on a 140ft televisual wall. – Kotaku

Author Ray Bradbury passed away yesterday at the age of 91. Here’s 20 of his best thoughts on life and death. – Buzzfeed

Rats who were deliberately paralysed in a lab learn to walk again. – BBC News

Scientists are due to determine, this Friday, what the mystery object is which sits on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. – Huffington Post

Did John Travolta have a six year gay relationship with his pilot? – Radar Online



Afternoon Dubloons – Links In Brief(s)

Stuff which what we found interestin'.


South African teenager to be caned for posting a mildly offensive Facebook photo caption – (Straits Times)

Tim Burton has zero respect for director Kevin Smith – (Buzzfeed)

Crispin Glover directed a movie about a man with cerebral palsy who has sex with hot women and then murders them shortly after. Feel good movie of the year? – (Film Drunk)

Just in case you thought Whitney Houston was overrated here’s her isolated vocal track on ‘How Will I Know’ – (Jake Fogelnest)

If you’re playing Ragnarok Odyssey on Playstation Vita here’s a comprehensive guide to help you through – (Past The Pixels)

An ‘on the money‘ review of the first episode of HBO’s drama series Luck – (Tachyon TV)

Brace Yourself! There’s to be a sequel to I Am Legend – (Den Of Geek)

Man Scalped By Leopard.

You grab your jacket and leave the house with the sole intention of picking up some milk and possibly a morning paper and then much to your dismay you have to fight off a huge leopard  in a bike shed. Christ, Monday’s are a nightmare.

That’s exactly what happened to this poor bloke when the big cat wandered into the residential area of Guwahati, Assam in Eastern India and attacked four people, killing one. Unfortunately for the man pictured above he received a rather horrendous injury as he was scalped by the Leopards large claws, (which you can see below), and was later rushed to hospital and treated for his injuries.

No thanks of course to the individual who instead of putting his camera down to try to distract the animal and thereby maximising the man’s chances of escaping unscalped, continued to click away in the hope his pictures would become an Internet viral sensation. Such is the world we live in.

The cat was later tranquilized by wildlife officials and is scheduled to be released at a wildlife park.

(via Washington Post and Buzzfeed)

Morning Links In Brief(s)

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

A possible theory behind the Vatican Swiss guard murders which happened back in 1998 – (The Daily Beast)

Batman and The Flash confront a real life sex offender in To Troll A Predator – (Jokeroo)

High on bath salts, (yes, you read that correctly), a burglar breaks into a house and does something nice for a change – (NY Daily News)

Somebody in Stirling is murdering trees with a knife, so far he/she has caused £30,000 worth of damage – (STV News)

Harry Potter director David Yates has revealed there’s to be a Dr Who movie – (BBC News)

Ghana has a Terminator/Predator movie that looks like the sleeper hit of the year – (Film Drunk)

Want to know your chances of survival if a nuclear bomb was detonated in your country? – (Would I Survive A Nuke)

21 reasons why you should never use your iPad as a camera – (Buzzfeed)

Grand Theft Walrus