From Face Off To Face On.

Science is amazing and that’s a scientific fact. You can actually take that fact to a bank and cash it in, that’s how much guaranteed value that fact has.

Just to demonstrate how amazing science is take a look at the picture above, the before and after shot of Dallas Wiens who became the first American to undergo a full face transplant after being horrifically injured when he hit a power line by accident while painting a church in November 2008.

His injuries were so severe that all of his facial features were burned away and he was left permanently blind. But doctors, thanks to funding from the US military, managed to perform a full face transplant on the 25 year-old with the hope that findings from the surgery’s progress can help soldiers recover from severe facial wounds inflicted during combat.

No matter how you try to explain the sheer scale of this operation only one term springs to mind: “fucking amazing”. Dallas may not have his sight back but he is slowly regaining sensation in his face and is thankful that he can now feel his four year-old daughter kiss him on the cheek…Oh Goddammit!

*stands up out of chair, cracks open a window and takes a big breath in*