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Scottish comedian Limmy comes under fire from Tory MP Louise Mensch for his Thatcher comments on Twitter, (Mensch is the same MP who’s in favour of fox hunting and wants to shut down Twitter and Facebook at the slightest hint of social unrest) – (Telegraph)

We love this story. The guy who runs I Heart Chaos helps out a young 13 year-old gamer who had his copy of Skyrim stolen right out of his hands as he left Game Stop – (I Heart Chaos)

Graphic Novellist Frank Miller calls the ‘Occupy’ protestors¬† ‘pond scum, thieves, louts and rapists’ and in doing so has enraged a lot of his fans –¬† (Frank Miller Ink)

The Western Black Rhino of Africa is now officially extinct and two more rhino species are set to follow – (CBS News)

3,000 policemen storm Rio De Janeiro’s biggest slum – (CNN)

Some of the requests the Foreign Office has received throughout the years have been downright bizarre – (BBC News)

Amazon reassures buyers that the Kindle Fire can compete with the best – (The Atlantic Wire)

Did NZ Quake Uncover Spy Ring?

There are numerous websites and online news sources reporting that the New Zealand earthquake, which happened on February 22nd in Christchurch killing 181 people, may have exposed the existence of an Israeli spy ring.

Fairfax newspaper group are reporting that among the many dead an Israeli man was found with five passports in his possession and that New Zealand Prime Minister John Key had numerous conversations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following the quake, and that: ‘an unaccredited Israeli search and rescue squad searching a cordoned area in Christchurch was stopped by New Zealand officers.’

Subsequently Key has come under critical fire from his country’s political opponents who have been quick to remind the Prime Minister that in 2004 two Israelis were arrested for trying to steal the identity of a man with cerebral palsy, the investigation led to the unearthing of an Israeli passport ring in the country.

(via CBS News)