RIP Officer Moses Hightower.

Sad news. Actor and ex-American football player Bubba Smith, famous for his role as Officer Moses Hightower in the Police Academy movies has died aged 66.

Smith was apparently found dead at his home in California by police who have stated that they aren’t treating his death as suspicious. Before his acting career took off in 1984 the 6ft 7in star had been a prolific American football player for The Oakland Raiders, Houston Oilers and the Baltimore Colts.


RIP Peter Falk.

1927 - 2011

We may be a little late with this sad news, but that’s mainly down to the fact that we had no idea what to write about Peter Falk, an actor that entertained the bejesus out of us for decades.

Columbo, Death By Murder, The In-Laws, The Great Race, The Princess Bride, Made and Murder Inc, to name just a few of the films and roles which turned Falk into a Hollywood icon.

A one-off talent the like of which we’ll never see again and whose characters will live on for an eternity, (mainly occupying afternoon TV schedules).

Here’s to you Peter and let’s hope your headstone reads:’…just one more thing’.


Gerry Rafferty 1947-2011

What a complete pisser of a start to the new year first one of our all time favourite actors, Pete Postlethwaite, took his final curtain call last week and now one of the greatest and most underrated songwriters of a generation has passed. Gerry Rafferty, responsible for such great songs as Baker Street and Stuck In The Middle With You, died on Jan 4th due to his ongoing battle with the bottle. Paisley born Rafferty was prolific throughout the 70s but vanished off the radar almost completely in the 80s, except to resurface briefly to produce The Proclaimers hit song Letter From America. Newspapers at the time continued to report of his decline after he trashed a hotel room following a drinking binge which resulted in his admission to hospital with liver problems. His health continued to deteriorate due to his problems with alcohol.

Maybe the Mayans were right, maybe 2012 will be as far as we get and this is the start of the big wind down. Not that we’re hoping for the end of the world but it sure feels like it at times, especially when whoever is in charge up there is determined to knock off all the good guys. Dick!