That Justin Timberlake Question On Million Pound Drop.

In case you missed this wonderful slice of TV Gold last week here it is in it’s entirity. A couple, Gareth and Alex, are ready to begin playing the quiz show Million Pound Drop on Channel Four and their very first question is as follows:

Justin Timberlake won an award in October this year for helping to protect what?

They have four answers to choose from:

1. Friends With Benefits.

2. Trouser Snakes

3. The Environment

4. Sexy Backs

Of course it’s plainly obvious which one of those options is correct and so they confidently place the entire million on their chosen answer.

These moments should be cherished forever. First question, million pound, taxi home.

Danny Mac Raps On Channel 4’s Coppers

(Warning: NSFW language)

Bit late to the online party with this video but we’ve only just finished watching Channel 4’s series Coppers, a fly-on-the-wall documentary featuring the day to day activities and experiences of police men and women across England.

One of the stand out moments in the series was the arrest and interview with heroin addict and career criminal Danny MacIntyre, a man who had 30 arrests to his name. Without any needed encouragement Danny was more than happy to recite a special poem he had written about his feelings towards the police, which you can watch above in all it’s tragic glory.

It’s since been reported that Danny died last month due to an overdose.

*wipes salty tears from eyes*

Gordon Ramsay’s Face Has Finally Melted.

A face you could literally climb.

Earlier this month TV celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was photographed leaving a Los Angeles surgery complete with medical cap. Of course the tabloid press were sent into a tizzy and it then emerged that the shouty arsehole 44 year-old may have gone through a hair plug operation costing $30,000. Now it seems there may have been a problem with the surgery as Ramsey’s face has become swollen around the eyes and forehead. Could this be related to the alleged hair transplant? Of course not as Gordon himself explained to the Daily Mail, that it’s nothing more than an infection brought on by petrol from gangsters and a horse. Petrol from gangsters and a horse? Yes petrol from gangsters and a horse.

Apparently Baron Munchausen Ramsey was forcibly tied up by Costa Rican gangsters, during the filming of his recent Channel Four documentary which exposed the cruel illegal trade in shark fins, and was doused in petrol which caused major problems for his scalp. Jason Bourne then went on to explain:

‘I was in Napa for Christmas literally two weeks after the shoot and went horseback riding with the kids and had a horrendous allergic reaction to the horse, combined with the problems I had with my scalp – so it was just a hair nightmare.’

This agent of danger leads a life most of us dull and boring folk can only dream of. We’re betting he owns a car he can drive underwater and goes to bed at night dressed in a white tuxedo.

Watch Last Night’s Epsiode Of Big, Fat, Gypsy Wedding Here.

"Ah I see you've come in the dress from Eddie Murphy's hit movie Coming To America."

Yes last night we went back on our promise of never watching reality TV but in our defence Channel Four’s Big, Fat, Gypsy Wedding was more of a traditional documentary. What is there to say about this series which probably hasn’t already been said? Travelling people, who refuse to pay tax or integrate with local communities, enforce stringent and sexist rules on their women who are ‘grabbed’  if they’re single and physically forced to become intimate with their male counterparts, regardless of their age. Last night’s episode dealt with a gypsy girl’s communion whose outfit was based on a dress from the Eddie Murphy film Coming To America, (can’t write that shit), and the wedding of 17 year-old Josie which looked like a Christina Aguilera music video. As a good friend of ours often laments this is true ‘car crash’ TV which must be watched with the use of a seat belt buckled into your chair. Don’t worry if you missed it because we’ve posted the entire episode below thanks to 4 On Demand.

Shamelesss: The US Version.

We don’t watch British TV here at HMS Friday, mainly because most of it is utter crap. From the little we’ve seen of Channel Four’s, ‘ain’t it grim up north’, series Shameless, we’ve not been that impressed. It always struck us as trying too hard to be controversial. But obviously American TV producers saw some potential in the programme, so much so they went and remade the entire series with William H Macy in the pivotal role of Frank Gallagher, this time struggling to keep his family of misfits together in the city of Chicago. We’ve also been reliably informed that another Channel Four series Skins has been given the US treatment too and early word suggests that it’s also a bag of no use.

N.B. Notice the change in music when the ‘heartfelt hardship’ portion of the trailer kicks in around the 3.15 mark? Nothing tugs at those heart strings than relatable human struggles, especially when set to quirky, xlophone based music.