Steve-O Breaks His Nose On Mike Tyson’s Fist!

So the Charlie Sheen roast came and went and if you haven’t seen it by now then this video above could contain possible spoilers, although our headline doesn’t give away a single thing.

Long story short infamous Jackass clown Steve-O thought that it would be a good idea to throw himself at Mike Tyson’s fist during the end credits of the show. Of course the plan worked out great and after full impact Steve-O was left with a broken schnoz, prompting fellow roaster William ‘The Shat‘ Shatner to deliver his most convincing line yet.

UPDATE: He posted a picture of his injury up on Twitter. Bless.

Crazy eHarmony Cat Lover Remix.

By now you’ve probably seen the video above of crazy cat lover Debbie who filmed herself for eHarmony online dating website and who went on an uncontrollable emotional rant about her undying devotion and obsession with cats. Of course thanks to news and media outlets across the land who refuse to report on real news her video became a ‘sensation‘.

It was, as we already suggested, a pile of horseshit and she was actually an actress trying to boost her profile, thanks to the debunking Pulitzer prise winning journalistic skills of Fox News. That said fun has definitely been had with the video by The Gregory Brothers who have songified the entire video something they previously did to great effect with the recent Charlie Sheen ‘winning‘ interview.

Jesus Christ how do we know this shit?

Jeff Ross Roasts Charlie Sheen.

Comedian Jeff Ross, (who by many is considered the comedy roast master), recently roasted egomaniac Charlie Sheen into a pile of ashes by coming onto the very stage Sheen was using for one of his solo shows in Atlantic City. What follows are nine glorious minutes of Ross tearing into the actor who has no option but to sit there fake a few laughs and squirm uncomfortably in front of his own audience.

Just before Ross starts his comedic assault he asks the crowd if they want to help him destroy Sheen…the comedian didn’t need any help whatsoever. (NSFW language).

Andrew Dice Clay Rants About Charlie Sheen.

Here’s a video, which was kindly sent to us by honorary crew member Jeff Abraham, of comedian, actor and motor mouth Andrew Dice Clay ripping into the recent pop culture phenomenon that is Charlie Sheen, he also takes a swipe at Gilbert Gottfried, (the American comedian who was recently fired for tweeting jokes about the Japanese tsunami).

For those of you web pirates out there who have no idea who Andrew Dice Clay is allow us to briefly explain.

He was during the 90s the single biggest stand-up comedian in America selling out football stadiums and auditoriums thanks to his brand of crude, politically incorrect humour, (an American version of Bernard Manning if you’re from the UK), and was the only comedian in history to sell out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row.

He also went on to star in a few movies but his most famous role to date was that of Ford Fairlane in the Renny Harlan directed movie The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane. A film so unashamedly bad it’s become, over the years, one of our greatest guilty pleasures.

N.B. What the blue ball blazes has happened to The Diceman? He looks like some sort of washed out land pirate. Not that there’s anything wrong with that look. *(adjusts eye patch and rubber parrot on shoulder)*


The Inevitable Charlie Sheen Autotune Video

Yes, we are well aware that this whole Charlie Sheen escapade is wearing a tad thin now. But hey, we’re web pirates and it would be against our special code not to bring you back at least one novelty video which expertly cashes in on the epic media circus this insane coke head has created.

This auto-tune mash-up song was put together by the talented Gregory Bros and inadvertantly highlights the sheer scale of this historic one man meltdown. Apparently Charlie Sheen’s web page, entitled Sheen’s Korner, is getting a ton of attention. We wonder if that attention will still be there six months from now when his staff are forced to name it Sheen’s Koroner…booya…winning!

Charlie Sheen Is A ‘Battle Tested Bayonet’.

UPDATE: Two And A Half Men has been officially cancelled after Sheen made some derogatory comments about the show’s head honcho by saying: “I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels especially if they wind up in my octagon. Clearly I have defeated this earthworm with my words — imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists.” Two million a week down the swany.

Earlier yesterday actor Charlie Sheen phoned up his good friend radio broadcaster Alex Jones and revealed to the world that things might not be going according to plan in an interview for the ages. Jones, who runs the conspiracy website , chatted to the actor live on air about his recent troubles.

Mr Sheen who claims he’s clean and sober referred to himself as a ‘battle tested bayonet’, other highlights included Vatican assassin warlocks and that he had a new gnarly tattoo grafted while watching the ‘death from above’ scene from Apocalypse Now in his private cinema. You can listen to a longer version of this mind frying interview over at WWTDD.

Charlie is right about one thing you should never judge a person without ever meeting them or spending time in their company first. But one thing is for sure…


HMS Friday’s Link Booty

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

This delightful mash-up t-shirt of an Ewok and a Predator, (a PredEwok), is available over at Shirtoid.

A blurry, noisy, 41 second teaser trailer for the new Battlefield game has been released (via Game Informer)

A list of 50 of the most controversial films ever made. Warning: some images are pretty graphic (via Time Out Boston)

An oil painting inspired by the movie Dumb and Dumber, entitled ‘Go West Lloyd‘ (via The Chive)

Charlie Sheen really wants to get into the porn business (via WWTDD)

Beavis And Butthead are making a glorious comeback to the small screen (via Warming Glow)

Beautiful the Rotweiller is a ‘really, really sweet dog’ (via Anorak News)

A James Bond style water based jetpack, available for your use at only $99,500 (via Uncrate)

Since his sacking TV pundit Andy Gray has made a career change. Apparently he now makes sweeties (via KCRA)

Catnip – one hell of a drug!

Afternoon Dubloons: Links From The Briny Deep.

Pieces of artwork featuring Princess Leia as a slave. *bites down hard on geeky fist* (via The Swedish Bed)

Charlie Sheen’s in hospital due to a briefcase of coke and more pornstars (via WWTDD)

Chelsea may buy Liverpool’s Fernando Torres for a Gazillion British pounds (via The Spoiler)

This is just wrong. Daleks aren’t meant to be fun, they are to be feared goddammit!

Ridley Scott’s new film may feature that giant Space Jockey thing from the original Alien movie (via Slashfilm)

A Heavy Rain movie is in the pipeline thanks to Deadwood’s David Milch (via Den Of Geek)

Possibly the most awesome cake ever baked (via Great White Snark)

A comprehensive collection of 11 porn movie parody trailers all totally safe for viewing (via Film Drunk)

Further proof why we’ll never play motion sensing games.

You may want to change your security password on your Amazon account…NOW! (via Reddit)

It’s official, Facebook is making us sad (via Slate)

Ten minutes of footage from a Bollywood film called Robot which will quite literally melt your face.

That Ricky Gervais Monolouge From The Golden Globes.

We’re divided here at HMS Friday over the comedic talent of Ricky Gervais, half the crew think he’s a genius and the other half think he is far from it. But one thing’s for sure Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Cher, Charlie Sheen, Hugh Hefner and the cast of Sex And The City 2 won’t be sending him a Christmas card anytime soon.

That Gervais is one funny guy.