Father Threatens To Kill School Volleyball Coach And Rape His Family..

The distinguished gentleman pictured above is Elgin, Illinois resident John Kasik and he isn’t wearing that orange boiler-suit through choice. He was in fact arrested and charged with telephone harassment, battery and disorderly conduct, and was given a $300,000 bail fee.
Turns out Kasik blew a gasket during a school volleyball match after his daughter was benched by her coach, finishing her participation in the game. The Chicago Tribune detailed what happened next:

After the match, Kasik, who was in the stands and reportedly angered by the substitution, followed the school athletic director to his house and began yelling at him, at one point saying he would kill the official if his distraught daughter “didn’t make it through the night,” [DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert] Berlin said.

The athletic director convinced Kasik to come to the school the next day to talk about the matter. Later that evening, Kasik allegedly left several threatening text and phone messages for the volleyball coach, including one in which Kasik threatened to kill the coach and rape the coach’s wife and daughter, Berlin said.



(via Yahoo Sports)

‘Bumblebee Was In The Back, Where He Couldn’t See.’

Film director Michael Bay has encountered yet more real-life drama on the set of his latest and third installment of his beloved Transformer’s franchise. Following a tragic accident involving a female extra who was left brain damaged after a piece of flying metal from a stunt sequence hit her on the head on the set of Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon, a stunt driver has now written off the Bumblebee car after colliding with a police SUV. The accident, which was caught on film, happened as a veteran police officer was racing through the film set to answer an emergency call in the city of Chicago where…Whoah! Wait a minute. You mean these robots aren’t real?