CeeLo Green & The Muppets.

This is the weirdest musical collaboration yet. Singer song writer CeeLo Green has teamed up with the cast of The Muppets for a truly terrible song which adapts the official theme tune of The Muppets stuffs it into blender and mixes it with Green’s vocals for some sort of hybrid Christmas song. Let’s not ignore the hilarious irony here as you have an artist who used to beat up homeless people and torture animals is now singing a festive song with all his cute, cuddly, helpless furry friends.

Ferrell And Reilly Sing Little Drummer Boy.


It goes without saying that watching Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly performing together in anything will always merit our attention. Here the comedy duo team up for their special festive cover version of the classic David Bowie and Bing Crosby song Little Drummer Boy. If there’s any justice in this crazy, mixed up world, this will knock that X Factor pleb off the number one spot this year.

The air between them is thick with sexual tension.