CNN’s Rosemary Church Wants Water Cannons In Ferguson.

Rosemary Church is a woman who sits at a desk in front of a camera and is paid money by CNN to form words, which tumble out of her mouth, pertaining to current events. They call this job journalism and yesterday Rosemary proved to the world she was a qualified “journalist” when she suggested that the police in Ferguson should turn the water cannons on community protesters, who are currently demonstrating against the shooting of Michael Brown by police.

The look she earned herself from her colleague Eroll Barnett says it all.

Two A-Holes Hire A Cab From New York To LA.

A lot of websites and news channels are reporting this ‘feel good’ story about an investment banker and English professor who hired a cab and paid the driver $5,000 to drive them from New York to Los Angeles. Along the way John Belitsky and Dan Wuebben documented their journey through Twitter and videos they recorded and posted on YouTube and now the pair want to meet with movie people to discuss the possibility of turning their ‘remarkable’ story into a film.

Really? A remarkable story? This pair of idle rich pricks, during a time of mass unemployment and economic depression in America, blew five grand on a taxi ride, sat on their arses in the back seat and simply recorded the journey, which incidentally took six days for driver Muhammed Alam to complete. Through sheer exhaustion the man suffered a small nervous breakdown in Omaha but thanks to the persuasion, (see, dreams of a movie deal), Belitsky and Wuebben managed to persuade the Bangladeshi man to push on through and complete the journey…possibly with shouts of: “Get moving you filthy peasant and drive us to LA.”

Alam now has to drive his cab back to New York, which means he will have traveled a total of 6,000 miles, which makes his payment of £5,000 the equivalent of f@cking couch change. The only justice would be if Hollywood make this story into a demented, psychopathic New York city cab driver slasher movie.