Is This A Ghost Running Across Bolivia Stadium?

Here’s a video of what many are claiming is a ghost running across Bolivia Stadium, through fans without interruption, during a football match.

According to various sources the stadium is supposed to be haunted, with some Venezuelans believing the ‘ghost’ of their deceased President Hugo Chavez was responsible for saving an otherwise certain goal during an international match against Colombia.

Sounds legit.

Insane POV Video Of A Downhill Street Bike Race.

This video puts street bike racing on a whole new level…it’s like Super Mario Bike.

It was shot in Manizales, Colombia last year by rider Marcelo Gutierrez, who rigged his bike with an on-board camera to give people a real feel of just how hairy the course was. Not content with having riders navigate through tight streets, sharp corners and concrete steps, organisers threw in some ramps for good measure.

If you turn the volume up before he screams out of the starting blocks you can actually hear his heart beating and no wonder.