Comedian Bill Burr Loses It On His Podcast.


For those of you unfamiliar¬†with the work of stand up comedian and cast member of Breaking Bad, Bill Burr off you go and rectify that failing immediately, for the rest of you here’s audio taken from his excellent podcast¬†where the man himself cracks up during the reading of an advertisement for a company called Shari’s Berries.

Warning: NSFW language.



Andrew Dice Clay Rants About Charlie Sheen.

Here’s a video, which was kindly sent to us by honorary crew member Jeff Abraham, of comedian, actor and motor mouth Andrew Dice Clay ripping into the recent pop culture phenomenon that is Charlie Sheen, he also takes a swipe at Gilbert Gottfried, (the American comedian who was recently fired for tweeting jokes about the Japanese tsunami).

For those of you web pirates out there who have no idea who Andrew Dice Clay is allow us to briefly explain.

He was during the 90s the single biggest stand-up comedian in America selling out football stadiums and auditoriums thanks to his brand of crude, politically incorrect humour, (an American version of Bernard Manning if you’re from the UK), and was the only comedian in history to sell out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row.

He also went on to star in a few movies but his most famous role to date was that of Ford Fairlane in the Renny Harlan directed movie The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane. A film so unashamedly bad it’s become, over the years, one of our greatest guilty pleasures.

N.B. What the blue ball blazes has happened to The Diceman? He looks like some sort of washed out land pirate. Not that there’s anything wrong with that look. *(adjusts eye patch and rubber parrot on shoulder)*