Heckler At A Comedy Show Drops Drugs On Stage.

This is taking the humiliation of a heckler to a fantastic new level and it basically required zero effort from the comedian in the firing line.

Jake Weisman was performing at the Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans at the weekend, when during his routine a drunk heckler started to intervene and ruin everyone else’s enjoyment, as drunk hecklers often do. Fair play to Weisman who handled the situation calmly by inviting the heckler to join him on stage, but just as he’s about to get the humiliation show started a beautiful thing happens, the heckler accidentally drops his cocaine stash on stage, in front of everyone.

It’s a ten minute long video and if, like most people on the Internet, you have the attention span of a gnat you can fast forward to 4.40 where things start to get interesting.

(via Film Drunk)