Rememberfied # 1: Sandahl Bergman.

Sandahl Bergman then and now

Name’s not really familiar, but wait a second…you know the face…yes, you definitely know the face…oh God it’s whatshername from that film and shit.

Famous for causing many an impromptu trouser tent in our youth actress Sandahl Bergman wasn’t just a pretty face and an exceptionally tight, ripped body, she was also an accomplished dancer and stunt woman.

Now aged 59 Bergman’s most famous role was as the highly skilled and deadly female warrior/thief Valeria playing next to Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan The Barbarian and she also popped up in Red Sonja as evil Queen Gedren. Unfortunately Bergman then went on to make some truly awful films like Hell Comes To Frogtown and The Lipstick Camera.  Sandahl Bergman the crew of HMS Friday salute you and your bulletproof thighs. You are hereby officially Rememberfied!

Here’s one of her finer moments.

Avast! Hear The Lamentation Of The Women.

Now that big Arnie has been voted out of office as the Governator of California will this now mean he will be stretching off his thespian gurning muscles? We hope so, as an individual who can act and sing it would seem wasteful for him not to.

This video comes from the minds of brothers and musicians Jon and Al Kaplan who specialise in creating musical parodies of films and TV, chart a course for their main website HERE. Check out the songs for 24 Season Two: The Musical, in particular the number entitled Dammit (The Longest Day Of My Life).

Conan Rave