Conan Vs A Network Censor.

Watch this hilarious meeting between late night talk show host Conan O’Brien and his network censor.

The conversation revolves around what Conan can and cannot, say, wear or do during his live broadcast shows, which the censor might deem as offensive or inappropriate.

Of course Conan, being Conan, takes it right to the edge.



Watch Conan, Ice Cube & Kevin Hart Score Weed With A Learner Driver.

This is the future of television right here. Stick Conan O’Brien, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in a car with a member of public and watch them drive around abusing drivers, buying weed and smoking up a storm.

Who needs a chat show?

BTW – Ice Cube is ageless.

Louis C.K. Is A Saint.

Let’s keep with the positive stories today seeing as Christmas is currently is just over the hill.

Regarded as the funniest man in America today comedian Louis C.K. recently by-passed the Hollywood machine and made his latest comedy special available to download on his website for only five dollars for his fans.

He financed this experimental career move entirely by himself, cutting out agents, producers and distributors and to his credit it paid off. Louis made a cool $1m from the project but instead of running out to his nearest brothel or drug dealer the 44 year-old divided up the profits, giving back $250,000 to cover his production expenses, $250,000 as bonuses to the people he works with and $280,000 to various charities after asking his Twitter followers who he should donate to. That of course left him with a personal pay packet of  $220,000.

Here’s the great man in action on Conan back in 2009.


Conan O’Brien Might Be Going To Hell.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we’re completely illiterate when it comes to religion. Now there’s a confession for you, especially at this time of year.

We’re pirates, what did you expect? If this means that we will end up in hell when we die then so be it, at least we’ll have Conan O’Brien to keep us company.

(via I Heart Chaos)