Avast! Trailer For Contraband.

We’re not the biggest fans of Mark Wahlberg, nothing about him in particular that irks us, it’s just that he pretty much acts the same in every movie he’s ever been in.

That said the trailer for Contraband does look good, if only for two reasons: 1 Giovanni Ribisi and 2. Ben Foster. Any movie and we mean any movie, with those two actors present in the cast is always worth a look.

Directed by Icelandic filmmaker Baltasar Kormákur, (101 Reykjavík, Inhale), this is a Hollywood remake of a movie called Reykjavik-Rotterdam, (we’ve added the trailer below for comparison), which coincidentally enough Kormákur starred in, and tells the story of yet another gangster, Chris Farraday, who is dragged back into the underworld for one more final job, this time it’s running contraband. Of course nothing goes to plan and out pop the pew-pew-pews, threatening phone calls are made, explosions send people flying to the concrete and cars are aggressively rammed off the road.

Apart from all the generic stereotypes an action movie could have it still looks good and just how much hotter can Kate Beckinsale possibly get?

Contraband is set for general release in January.