Father Threatens To Kill School Volleyball Coach And Rape His Family..

The distinguished gentleman pictured above is Elgin, Illinois resident John Kasik and he isn’t wearing that orange boiler-suit through choice. He was in fact arrested and charged with telephone harassment, battery and disorderly conduct, and was given a $300,000 bail fee.
Turns out Kasik blew a gasket during a school volleyball match after his daughter was benched by her coach, finishing her participation in the game. The Chicago Tribune detailed what happened next:

After the match, Kasik, who was in the stands and reportedly angered by the substitution, followed the school athletic director to his house and began yelling at him, at one point saying he would kill the official if his distraught daughter “didn’t make it through the night,” [DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert] Berlin said.

The athletic director convinced Kasik to come to the school the next day to talk about the matter. Later that evening, Kasik allegedly left several threatening text and phone messages for the volleyball coach, including one in which Kasik threatened to kill the coach and rape the coach’s wife and daughter, Berlin said.



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Jub Jub is without doubt the coolest dog on the planet.

Hacker Group Anonymous Target The Mexican Drug Cartels!

They’ve been labelled as ‘hacktivists‘ by various different news sources and their actions so far have been condemned, (except us of course by us…come on, we’re pirates), for hacking the systems of various different mulit-national companies and Government agencies and causing a right Royal mess.

But now it seems Anonymous pose a major problem for the mainstream media as more recently they’ve targeted criminals and paedophiles. Earlier this month it was reported that the group had launched a cyber attack on over 40 websites, which allegedly contained pornographic content featuring children. In addition to bringing those sites down it was also claimed that the hacker group published the names and personal information of the 1,589 people who regularly used the sites.

But now Anonymous have entered into the dangerous world of the Mexican drug trade and have released a video, warning a specific cartel, (The Zetas), that if one of their hackers isn’t released, (apparently he/she was kidnapped from a street protest by the cartel), they will publish the identities and information pertaining to all the drug syndicate’s associates, including corrupt police officials and all the cartel’s business dealings.

Website Chron.com have the full story along with the following translation from the video above:

“You made a huge mistake by taking one of us. Release him…We cannot defend ourselves with a weapon… It won’t be difficult; we all know who they are and where they are located,”

“We demand his release. If anything happens to him, you sons of bitches will always remember this upcoming November 5.”

Of course if Anonymous honour their threat and publish the names and information of those involved with The Zetas how will the mainstream media react? How do you celebrate the actions of a group who you’ve vilified?

(via Chron.com)

Jo Yeates Murder Case Finally Closed.

See that guy above? Stuart Jeffries, the 66 year-old former school teacher and neighbour/landlord of murder victim Joanna Yeates, who was publicly vilified by the British press, who published his photograph next to headlines like:

“The Strange Mr Jeffries.” “Jo Suspect Is A Peeping Tom!” “Could This Man Hold They Key To Jo’s Murder?”Weird, Posh, Lewd, Creepy

Totally innocent. Even though the tabloid papers completely assassinated his character leading many people in this country, (even a few people we know), to actually believe he may have killed the 25 year-old  from Bristol. Totally. F@cking. Innocent.

See the guy below? The clean shaven, bespectacled, unremarkable looking 33 year-old Dutch engineer, who happened to be addicted to violent sex and pornography and who also frequently hired escort girls during business trips in LA and here in Britain and who casually went shopping to Asda for beer, crisps and rock salt, while Joanna’s body lay in the boot of his car outside? Guilty!

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A trailer for Frankie Boyle’s very first graphic novel comic.

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Retired heart surgeon saves policeman’s life after his throat is cut in public – (Mail Online)

An anonymous donor has put up a £1,000 reward to catch the f@cker who shot a swan in the head with an air rifle 14 times – (BBC Scotland)

The Kid from Jerry Maguire turned 21. WTF have we been doing with ourselves? – (Film Drunk)

Juggling two Rubik’s Cubes in one hand and solving a third with his other.

The ‘Highway Of Tears’ Claims Another Woman.

This story is terrifying, not simply because it involves the disappearance of 18 women in 30 years, (although local sources say the figure is close to 43), on Highway 16 in British Colombia, but because it’s taken authorities this long to believe a serial killer or killers may be responsible for the disappearances.

Really? Around 40 women go missing, not children, men, families or old people, just women, 40 women just simply vanish over the course of 30 years as they travel down the exact same stretch of road  and it’s taken until now to assume this may be the work of a serial killer? Outstanding.

The latest missing female is 20 year-old Madison Scott, who disappeared in May from a lake camping spot next to the highway, she vanished without a trace leaving her truck and tent behind. The situation has become so shocking locals have renamed the road ‘The Highway Of Tears‘, which has now been recognised by Wikipedia:

The idea that the murders were all caused by one serial killer is unlikely, yet possible considering all the similarities between the victims including their ethnicity. A former police officer, has begun his own investigation and has attempted to retrace the last steps of the victims. “The terrain is difficult; the bodies could be dumped anywhere,” he says. “But that’s no excuse for not finding out who is behind these murders.”

The police have gathered enough information to declare that there have been at least eight victims, all of which have similar M.O.s: Ramona Wilson, who left home with the intent to meet a friend; Roxanne Thiara, whose body was found in Burns Lake; Delphine Nikal, who was last seen hitchhiking home; Alisha Germaine, a young girl who had just left a holiday dinner and was later found stabbed to death; Lana Derrick, last seen at a service station; Nicole Hoar and Tamara Chipman, who were also hitchhiking home; and Aielah Auger, who was reportedly seen getting into a black van before her body was discovered off the road. All of the young women were last spotted traveling along or near the highway.

(via Newser)