Picture Of Dead Osama Is A Fake

Osama Bin Laden is dead…or is he?

As people from around the globe emerged from their pits this morning it was quickly realised that the most wanted man in over a decade had been killed. Cue brass bands and ticker tape parades for the International bogey man was no more.

But then the questions started to crop up, the doubts over the validity of such a claim. Apparently some Navy Seals raided a compound in Pakistan where the terrorist mastermind was living and after a short fire fight Bin Laden was plugged in the face, then launched into the ocean for a sea burial before anyone had anytime to actually check the bastard’s pulse or rifle through his wallet.

Convenient method of getting rid of any evidence some may say. How on earth could authorities physically prove that they actually got their man? Surely without any hard proof legions of tin foil hat wearing basement dwellers would be calling foul and spitting Doritos furiously at their computer screens as they typed out their theory on a world wide conspiracy.

But wait, there is proof. There’s a photograph of the corpse of Bin Laden. A graphic, bloody picture which shows the man’s face, along with the same beard he’s kept for over ten years even though the whole world and it’s dog were looking for him, clearly. A photograph that’s now doing the rounds on every 24 hr news channel and is, as we type this boring post, being re-sized in newspaper offices around the globe in time for the front page of tomorrow’s edition.

Except the picture is a f@cking fake:

‘…initially published by the Middle East online newspaper themedialine.org on 29 April 2009.’

Thankfully British newspaper The Guardian has the skinny on how the picture, at least, is a big fat lie. Chart a course for HERE.

Channel 4 News Goes All Brass Eye Over PSN Hack.

Following the monumental breakdown Sony has suffered in recent days with their Playstation Network, every news website, paper and channel have been featuring special reports on this story as legions of people, who are incapable of amusing themselves without the use of electronic gadgetry, are throwing party bags of Doritos around their living rooms in fits of rage.

But Channel 4 News have to be applauded for their coverage of the story, simply due to a moment of genius which you can watch at the 3.00 minute mark in the video above.