Rich Git Exploits Mugging For More Cabbage

Looks like someone's cleaned Bernie's clock. Eh? Eh?

In case you didn’t know, or have never read The Daily Mail, Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone was mugged recently and left with a corking shiner. Apparently four men attacked the billionaire outside his office in London and stole his Hublot watch, (Formula One’s official watchmaker). Not one to be outdone by greedy, money grabbing opportunists Bernie turned his traumatic experience into a money making advertisement for the very brand of watch he had stolen. His battered coupon appears on the Hublot advert with the tagline: “See what people will do for a Hublot watch.”  Nice one Ernie, just a shame you hadn’t been raped by a horse, we think you would’ve looked fantastic in a pair of jodhpurs.