Afternoon Doubloons – Links In Brief(s).

Stuff which what we found interestin'.


Everything you need to know about Windows 8 and how you can get the new OS right now – (Gizmodo)

A Mayan pyramid shooting a beam of light into the heavens above…with photo evidence, of course – (Peta Pixel)

Thirty five greeting cards which chart the aging process for The Simpsons. Anyone else find this sad? – (Reddit)

A complete overview of how the new Facebook timeline will change your Fan Pages – (Inside Facebook)

Leaked snaps of Sim City V look unbeliavably gorgeous – (Piki Geek)

Archaeologists in Jerusalem have been killed by a vampire Jesus – (The Daily Mash)

Comment Snob is a Google Chrome extension that filters out unwanted comments from online comment threads – (Chris Finke)

Your favourite characters from the gritty crime series The Wire in family friendly wind-up toy format – (Dangerous Minds)

Hunter S Thompson Q&A Session From 1977.

Here’s over an hour of top quality audio recorded back in 1977 at the UC Auditorium, Boulder, Colorado where Dr Hunter S. Thompson gave a question and answer session to students where he covered topics ranging from President Nixon, Vietnam, Rolling Stone Magazine, Charles ‘Tex’ Colson who once branded Thompson a ‘degenerate’ and the Grateful Dead.

Thompson is his usual zany best and this little porthole back in time gives you some idea of just ho popular the man and his unique style of journalism has become.

(via Dangerous Minds)