Drugged Up Bulgarian Gypsy Goes Tonto.

Oh! Look at his wee face.

Bulgaria scares us. There, we said it. Our blinkered view of the country is probably a direct result of reading the excellent book McMafia by Misha Glenny and his disturbing chapter on Bulgaria’s criminal underworld. The country, in his opinion, is awash with drugs, (well which country isn’t?). So this news story should come as no surprise as it involves a Bulgarian gypsy taking too many magic sweeties and going on a one man rampagathon*. Apparently once Angel Atanasov had successfully wired himself into the moon he severed part of his penis off, stabbed a lamb to death, cut off his father’s ear, stole a car, crashed into a motorcycle and set a farm on fire. According to the police the man, who is now in intensive care, took the drugs because he was bored. Haven’t these people heard of dominoes?

If you would like to know more about Angel’s epic drug fuelled rampage then chart a course for HERE.

*The word rampagathon was invented by us and is now being considered as an official entry on the website Urban Dictionary. That sound you can hear is us, high fiving ourselves.