Second Dead Island Trailer Is A Hoot!

A few months back the Internet was a buzz with the release of a video game trailer for Dead Island, which featured the fate of an unknown family at the hands of a zombie horde, only told in reverse. Confused? See it HERE.

Now game developers Deep Silver have released a second trailer for their much anticipated horror survival title and just like it’s predecessor it too tries to play your cynical gaming heart strings like a violin. Maybe it’s just us but this one feels like Lost: The Zombie Years.

Dead Island Trailer Ain’t For Kids

If you’ve just watched the trailer below for Techland and Deep Silver’s zombie survivor horror game Dead Island then you may be in need of strong cup of tea or coffee. This has to be one of the most creative and disturbing trailers for anything we’ve seen over the last few years. According to the developers the game is a mash-up of different styles, ranging from first-person shooter to RPG as well as having online multi-player co-op options. Seriously though back to the trailer, put your hands up if the room started to get a little smokey?

And here’s how it plays out in standard chronological order, thanks to the ever vigilant people over at IGN.