This Man Has Just Declared a ‘Teahad’.

This angry, (and possibly armed), man is Teaparty member Grady Warren and in this promotional video, produced by, he argues that his party is not racist by explaining that he would deport every Muslim from America, blacks are a non progressive race, children shouldn’t be taught about homosexuality and Sarah Palin is a female version of Ronald Reagan who to millions of men is their fantasy wife…wait…back up a sec…he’s against homosexuality but openly admits he admires Palin because she reminds him of Reagan and that’s why he would want to marry her? Somebody owns a very large closet.

Bottom line is there is nothing worse than someone denying they are something when it’s so blatantly obvious to everyone else that they’re lying. The Teaparty members for all their chatter and threats somehow view America as their country, a land mass they rightfully own every square inch of, conveniently forgetting of course as every angry, right-wing, white American does, that Native Americans have more claim over the country than they do.

Just to address the balance here’s Doug Stanhope, another white American who is less angry who’s probably never been armed, (expect for a pack of smokes and a six pack), and who has an entirely different take on matters.