Healthy Smoker Complains About The Smell Of Weed.

Husky nicotine addict Tom Schanaman was interviewed recently by a Denver news channel because he had complained about the harmful smell of marijuana smoke in a requested smoking room at a Sleep Inn he was staying at.

Apparently the person smoking the mad chronic was doing so under medicinal guidance, but that didn’t stop Tom reporting the matter to hotel staff as he felt the smoke was harmful and that it had ruined his stay there.

“What really annoyed me wasn’t the fact that I had left a party bag of lard flavoured potato chips in my room, or the fact that I had climbed a set of stairs to get to the designated smoking area, which had made my ass sweat. No sir. It was the fact that my cancer riddled lungs had been filled with noxious marijuana smoke,” added Tom as he angrily licked a frying pan. (via Warming Glow)


Kids these days!