Fanta Stole Red Lobster Dog From The Internet.

The picture above is of Red Lobster Dog from the dramatic and suspenseful Internet comic series Dog Fort, often found on website Reddit. His image has been used in countless memes by hundreds of websites, but now it appears large international companies, run by The Man, are cashing in on Red Lobster Dog’s Internet fame.

Below is the latest advert for the soft drink Fanta, which centres around two bubble-headed bimbos transforming their pet dog into Red Lobster Dog, so they can gain entry to some sort of beach party which prohibits pets and general fun by the looks of it.

Congrats Red Lobster you’ve made it to the big time.

Doubloons! Links From The Briny Deep.

We scour the salty depths of the internet on a daily basis to find hidden treasures. Then we hoist the sails and chart a course for home laden down with all the best pop culture links we could find. Here’s today’s:

The theme tune to Jurassic Park slowed down to run a full hour. Haunting stuff. You really need to listen to this (via Slashfilm)

A collection of all the best viral photos from last week. (via The Chive)

How not to suck at Call Of Duty: Black Ops (via Game Trailers).

Ten of the most fascinating conspiracy theories of 2010 (via Trutv).

The pant wettingly hilarious online comic Dog Fort (via Dog-Fort)

A list of Television’s nicest bad guys (via UGO)

Barcelona’s Gerard Pique may be shacking up with Shakira (via The Spoiler)

Which also reminds us of this:

ManĀ  shoots at a house fire with his gun (via Anorak News).

Full review of Joe Dante’s The Hole on DVD via Den Of Geek.