Avast! Trailer For Dr Who Series 8.

In case you missed it here’s the much anticipated trailer for the eighth series of Dr Who, which was broadcast on BBC One last night during the World Cup final.

As expected Twitter went into fanboy meltdown as the world finally got a glimpse of Peter Capaldi as the new Dr. Also a T-Rex outside the Houses Of Parliament, which considering the current sordid climate of scandal, would be a welcome reality.

The New Series Of Dr Who Is All Wild Westy.

OK, so I’m not a fan of Dr Who, never have been, (I think ‘loathe’ is the appropriate word), but the trailer for the latest series, which was released online, looks…

*Downs bottle of Enraged Fowl whiskey, slaps own face repeatedly*

…rather good.

The majority of the trailer seems to be focused on a Western theme with the good Doctor battling it out with a gigantic cyborg cowboy in a stereotypical Western-like setting. There’s also a sneak peak at some further space adventures and a possible hint of Daleks in the snow. The new series will start later this year.


Game Trailer For Dr Who: The Eternity Clock.

Here’s the first official look at the new Dr Who video game which is set for release this coming March.

First off before you get all preachy about the inferior quality of the graphics that’s because it’s a PSN, (Playstation Network), title, but to be fair it still looks a bit shit for a platformer, then again what did you expect it is Dr Who…(oh yes we did).

Players will be up against the most feared monsters from the Doctor Who universe — the Cybermen, Daleks, Silurians and the Silence. 
Take control of both the Doctor and River Song to unravel the mystery of The Eternity Clock in March 2012. The clock is ticking…

Something Unexplained For Halloween.

Since it’s Halloween and people love to get freaked out at this time of year, here’s a little unexplained, slightly disturbing story for you.

The video above isn’t a fake, it’s a recording of a TV signal interruption which happened on November 22nd 1987. As you can see during an episode of Dr Who on WTTW Chicago Channel 11,  an individual wearing a Max Headroom mask broke into the signal and transmitted what has since been regarded as one of the weirdest, unauthorized broadcasts in television history.

The masked man appears to say the following, although it’s difficult to determine at times:

“He’s a freaky nerd! This guy’s better than Chuck Swirsky. Oh Jesus! Catch the wave… [reference to a Coke commercial at the time of which Max Headroom was a spokesperson].
Your love is fading…I stole CBS. Oh, I just made a giant masterpiece printed all over the greatest world newspaper nerds.” My brother [mother?] is wearing the other one. It’s dirty…
They’re coming to get me…”

It was understood at the time that the person or persons responsible would have had some pretty slick and sophisticated equipment to cause such a broadcast interruption with kit valued anywhere between $400,000 and $600,000, which back then was a lot of cabbage. To date no-one was ever caught or charged and in the years which have past no-one has claimed responsibility for the incident, the footage above remains a solid mystery.


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