Drugs – The Before & After Effects.

As the online media brigade continue to celebrate the mind altering ramblings of a wealthy chronic coke addict it’s probably important to remember kids that drugs are actually bad…mmmkay?

The pictures below of various drug addicts in their before and after mugshots are only a few of a much larger collection featuring abusers of heroin, cocaine, alcohol and methamphetamine, part of a photographic campaign compiled by Bret King, a deputy in the Corrections Division Classification Unit of the Sheriff’s Office, in Multnomah, Oregon.

Obviously the main aim of this project is to show the ravaging effects of various drugs on the human body and the tragic condition addicts ultimately end up in. What’s even more frightening in a few of the pictures is the timeline of deterioration, some changing drastically in only a matter of months.

Usually we would try to lighten the mood with a razor sharp witticism or hilarious quip, but we’re so f@cking depressed by these pictures we can’t bring ourselves. Hey Charlie. What say you? Winning? (via Strapanzla)