Hacker Group Anonymous Target The Mexican Drug Cartels!

They’ve been labelled as ‘hacktivists‘ by various different news sources and their actions so far have been condemned, (except us of course by us…come on, we’re pirates), for hacking the systems of various different mulit-national companies and Government agencies and causing a right Royal mess.

But now it seems Anonymous pose a major problem for the mainstream media as more recently they’ve targeted criminals and paedophiles. Earlier this month it was reported that the group had launched a cyber attack on over 40 websites, which allegedly contained pornographic content featuring children. In addition to bringing those sites down it was also claimed that the hacker group published the names and personal information of the 1,589 people who regularly used the sites.

But now Anonymous have entered into the dangerous world of the Mexican drug trade and have released a video, warning a specific cartel, (The Zetas), that if one of their hackers isn’t released, (apparently he/she was kidnapped from a street protest by the cartel), they will publish the identities and information pertaining to all the drug syndicate’s associates, including corrupt police officials and all the cartel’s business dealings.

Website Chron.com have the full story along with the following translation from the video above:

“You made a huge mistake by taking one of us. Release him…We cannot defend ourselves with a weapon… It won’t be difficult; we all know who they are and where they are located,”

“We demand his release. If anything happens to him, you sons of bitches will always remember this upcoming November 5.”

Of course if Anonymous honour their threat and publish the names and information of those involved with The Zetas how will the mainstream media react? How do you celebrate the actions of a group who you’ve vilified?

(via Chron.com)