Hank Williams Jnr Thinks Obama Is Hitler!

Country and Western singer/songwriter Hank Williams Jnr, (the less succesfull son of Hank Williams), managed to turn a mild mannered interview on Fox News into car crash TV gold.

Appearing on Fox & Friends looking like the Una-bomber he announced that President Obama’s recent golf game with House Speaker John Boehner was a massive mistake and a lot of people didn’t like it, simply because it was:

…like Hitler playing golf with Benjamin Netanyahu.’

At which point the interview started to take on water like the Titanic and nothing could be done to save it as he started to ‘tell it like it is.’

As a result of this outrageous comment Williams Jnr has put himself in a bit of tight spot with sporting channel ESPN who use his songs for Monday Night Football and probably pay him a wad of cash which allows him to shop for such snazzy attire. But the glory days may be over as this week they dropped his music for the programme and speculation is rife his contract may be finished.