Nine Year-Old Caine & His Cardboard Box Arcade.

Take ten minutes out of your day to sit and watch this heart warming short film which will re-install your faith in humanity.

Without giving too much away it centres around a 9 year-old kid called Caine whose father runs a spare car parts outlet in East LA. During his school summer holiday Caine would accompany his dad to work where he spent all of his time constructing an elaborate and fully functional arcade out of nothing more than cardboard boxes. He poured over every detail from the production of tickets for the arcade to the construction of the games. Only problem was no-one either had the time or good grace to stop and try it out much to Caine’s disappointment, but like any true entrepreneur he refused to give up and in the end the pay off was worth the wait.

This kid will make your day.

(viaCaine’s Arcade)