Gary Vaynerchuk Dislikes Oprah’s Use Of Twitter.

We’ve been fans of Gary Vaynerchuk for some time now. His enthusiasm about e commerce is downright infectious and in his latest video blog he hits the nail on the head yet again with his criticism of how corporations, celebrities and brands are exploiting and misusing social networking platforms to ram their products down your throat.

We couldn’t agree more, Twitter is full of this shit and to be fair is one of the main reasons why we frequent it less than Facebook.

But that being said, please follow us, (smiley face).

That Awkward Response On The BBC Facebook Documentary.

Elliot before falling flat on his coupon.

If you managed to watch BBC Two’s documentary hosted by Emily Maitlis on Sunday evening, Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook, you will have watched the VP of Public Policy for Facebook, Elliot Schrage not just stumble over a particularly probing question but fall flat on his face.

Apart from covering a brief history of Facebook and it’s founder Mark Zuckerberg the documentary also explored accusations that the highly popular social media site has now become completely commercialised and is toying around with it’s user’s private information for financial benefit. One aspect of Facebook which we were surprised to learn was the whole ‘sponsored story‘ controversy.

Basically if you like a company or organisation’s page your profile picture can then be used as the leading image in their latest ad campaign and you can’t stop them either. Emily decided to question the ethics behind such a move by Facebook and quizzed¬†VP of Public Policy for Facebook Elliot Schrage. His response was priceless. By the way ‘so let’s pause‘ is company speak for ‘Holy shit the next sentence to come out of my mouth could cost me my job,’ and ‘interesting’ translates to ‘I have no f@cking clue how to answer this question’.

Afternoon Dubloons – Links In Brief(s).

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Scottish Facebook bigot who posted comments about Celtic manager Neil Lennon gets 8 months – (BBC Scotland)

The time traveling Delorean featured in the Back To The Future film is being sold off for $600,000 – (La Times)

Volcano in Iceland could erupt and cause even more disruption to flights than before. – (Time)

If only this song had a catchier chorus.

Dog found with hundreds of fly eggs buried in it’s head – (BBC Scotland)

Did Donald ‘syrup fig‘ Trump cheat on his pregnant wife with a porn star? – (WWTDD)

A review of Michael Fassbender’s latest ‘controversial’ film Shame – (Hey U Guys)

Porn star fired for having sex while skydiving – (With Leather)

A fantastic fan made trailer for the opening sequence to the new Tintin movie.

The Adventures of Tintin from James Curran on Vimeo.

This Is How Your New Facebook Profile Will Look.

If like every other moany, whiny bitch out there you too have been behaving like a 60 year old housewife over the new changes to Facebook this week, then get ready to set your phasers to ‘manic meltdown’, because a whole load more are on the way.

At the F8 conference this week Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg unveiled exactly how your profile will look and boy will it be different. Just like your mum rearranging your beloved bedroom when you’re at school, blissfully unaware of the drastic overhaul taking place these profile modifications are set to be implemented over the next couple of months and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Suck on that Mrs Doubtfire!

The most obvious change to your Facebook profile will be the lovely large header picture, (much like a Tumblr blog), which we think looks gorgeous. The biggest implementation comes in the form of a service called Timeline which Facebook chiefs are selling as a tool to contain and compartmentalise your life on the social network a place to file all of your stories, apps which will also serve as a new platform to express yourself…by expressing yourself we mean you’ll still be able to tell all your faceless friends that you are running a bath/going on holiday/making a sandwich/or have just farted.

Website Techcrunch have all the sciencey bits, so chart a course for THERE. In the mean time may we wish you all the very best with your completely unfounded and exaggerated nervous breakdown over a website which is completely free.


Hacker Group Anon Intend To Kill Facebook On Nov 5th.

Or do they? There is some confusion around the purported official release of a press video from hacker group Anonymous, which popped up online recently, in which they threaten to ‘kill’ Facebook on Guy Fawkes Day.

The reason? Abuse of privacy and the fact that Facebook never truly deletes any of your information even when you have left the social networking site. But this is where things get a little hazy, apparently sources inside Anonymous maintain they have nothing to do with this threat and that it may be a splinter move by members of Anonymous without the blessing of the group as a whole. Regardless of the confusion surrounding the video its been reported that Facebook will take it’s servers offline on November 5th as a precautionary measure which in a way means Anonymous, (or whatever splinter group is behind this threat), have accomplished their mission.

For more info and updates on this story chart a course for HERE.

Fafa And Mario Really Hate Facebook.

We can actually think of 100 reasons why we hate Facebook but thanks to Rafa and Mario they have condensed that list to 10 and we couldn’t agree more.

If you haven’t experienced the joy of Fafa and Mario, (a Groundhog and a red Italian, bearded smartie),¬† before, then we highly recommend you pop over to their main website Glove And Boots for a look at their previous videos.

Their site is under construction but you can access their previous work by clicking on the Archive link.