Real Fallot Pip-Boy 3000.

As massive fans of the action role-playing games Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas this fully functional Pip-Boy 3000, (Personal Information Processor-Boy, a device which houses an inventory and various player characteristics), is somewhat amazing.

Constructed by a technical whizz-kid, known only as MyMagicPudding on YouTube, this operational real-life version of the in-game device may not be the only one out there but it certainly looks like the best. Yes, it may be completely useless on a practical level but as a collectible for tragic, lonely gamers who spend hours sitting in front of the warming glow of thier consoles dressed only in loose fitting clothes it’s a must, even though it’s still only in a prototype stage.

It works. Hallelujah!

On the video’s official YouTube page MyMagicPudding explains:

It consists of an HTC Desire HD as the screen and processor, and an Arduino Uno with a USB host shield running microbridge to act as an ADB host for the phone. The Arduino then sends button presses to the phone via TCP over USB. The casing is a cast made by Skruffy over at , it’s amazing!

It came out quite well, with a few problems:

– I couldn’t fit the potentiometer for the dial inside (the phone is in the way), so I mounted it on the front. I wasn’t too bothered by that as I think it looks fairly cool.

– The phone and the Arduino and the battery take up so much room that I can’t fit my arm in anymore, making it kind of hard to use as a costume accessory to SDCC 2011 as I had planned.

– The electronics consist of some stripboard and lots and lots of loose wires. My soldering is pretty dodgy and the result is quite flaky; lights go out and buttons stop working as it is moved around. It’s my first electronics project though so I’ve learned a lot and I think I can improve it.

(via Games Radar)