FBI Evacuate Space Observatory Sparking Alien Conspiracy.

As the world ignites and turns into a ball of failure flames it’s comforting to know that alien conspiracy theories are still going strong.

However there is a very real element of mystery about this story after the FBI dramatically raided The Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico. Feds swooped in on  a Blackhawk helicopter, five days ago, ordering staff out of the facility without any explanation why.

Even local law enforcement were bewildered by the closure stating: “The FBI is refusing to tell us what’s going on.There was a Blackhawk helicopter, a bunch of people around antennas and work crews on towers but nobody would tell us anything.”

The Observatory’s sole purpose is to examine the Sun but since the raid it’s been banned from doing so and its official website just reads closed until further notice. But where is the alien conspiracy in all this mess? Well many believe the federal swoop is clear evidence the Observatory has accidentally uncovered evidence of extraterrestrial life, claiming that staff at the observatory saw something they weren’t supposed to or have even made contact with an alien lifeform. Other theories on the internet, (God bless the Internet),  claim the shutdown is due to an impending massive solar flare which will fry the world’s electricity supplies or that a foreign government has hacked into the observatory and is using it to spy on America.

Whatever the paranoid explanations might be one fact remains, the Feds raided and forcibly closed an observatory and have yet to give any explanation why and until they do conspiracy theories will abound.



The FBI Sent A Letter To MLK Urging Him To Commit Suicide.


Back in 1964 the FBI allegedly sent Martin Luther King, the African-American Civil Rights leader an anonymous letter which stated that if he didn’t kill himself in 34 days information about his sexual indiscretions would be made public. In what was essentially a blackmail letter penned for the sole purpose of eradicting King forever.

The dark and disturbing letter was recently published in the New York Times after it was discovered by historian and professor Beverly Gage and serves as evidence as to the dirty tricks the intelligence agencies were actively involved in back then. What indeed are they currently up to?

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Did The CIA Try To Recruit The 9/11 Highjackers?

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Smacks of one of those crazy tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theories conjured up in somebody’s basement. But what if this claim, this allegation didn’t come from a jobless 35 year-old Internet geek who still lives with his mother, what if this came from Richard A. Clarke the Counter Terrorism Chief who served under Bill Clinton and George W Bush, a man who for 30 years worked as a U.S government employee? Would you believe it then?

In a nutshell Clarke alleges that the CIA tried to make contact with two Al Qaeda operatives who had successfully managed to set themselves up in America, (post 9/11), in an effort to recruit them and have them work as double agents. They needed to do this because they had no-one working for them inside Al Qaeda. Of course the plan went tits up, but instead of alerting the White House the CIA covered up their mistake and kept quiet about the whole affair before, during and after the 9/11 attacks.

If you want to know more about this story then chart a course for HERE.

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FBI Want You To Crack A Murder Code.

Like something out of a John Grisham novel the FBI have made public, for the first time in 12 years a coded note which once successfully deciphered could help solve a murder case.

The hand written note, (as seen above and below), was found on the body of 41 year-old Ricky McCormick on June 30th 1999, in a field in St Louis, Missouri. Ricky had been murdered and dumped there and the only clues found at the scene were two encrypted notes which were discovered in the victim’s trouser pockets.

The FBI website states:

Despite extensive work by our Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit (CRRU), as well as help from the American Cryptogram Association, the meanings of those two coded notes remain a mystery to this day, and Ricky McCormick’s murderer has yet to face justice.

The more than 30 lines of coded material use a maddening variety of letters, numbers, dashes, and parentheses. McCormick was a high school dropout, but he was able to read and write and was said to be “street smart.” According to members of his family, McCormick had used such encrypted notes since he was a boy, but apparently no one in his family knows how to decipher the codes, and it’s unknown whether anyone besides McCormick could translate his secret language. Investigators believe the notes in McCormick’s pockets were written up to three days before his death.”

Unsurprisingly there has been a massive reaction to this appeal, so much so that authorities have had to set up a separate page to deal with public comments and theories. Chart a course for more information on this appeal HERE.