London Shirtless Man Gets Hit By Road Rage Driver.

Here’s pretty shocking footage of an incident of road rage filmed on April 9th in the east end of London.

It starts with an angry shirtless man and ends with a BMW ramming another car in a failed attempt to runover the shirtless man.

Apparantly police have viewed the footage and are currently investigating the matter. No-one was seriously injured in the altercation.



Martial Arts Coach Gives Advice On Dealing With A Street Fight.

Finding yourself in a street fight is a terrifying prospect and one which most of us would do well in life to avoid. But sometimes circumstances plot against you and before you have time to comprehend what’s happening you find yourself involved in an altercation which is rapidly spiralling out of control.

Violence isn’t something we’d ever condone but if you were unfortunate enough to find yourself involved in a street fight then you’d probably be thankful for having watched this informative video by martial artsĀ coach Firas Zahabi.

Mass Organised Russian Brawl In The Snow.

Watching videos like the one above I often find myself asking the age old question; ‘What’s the fucking point?’

Here’s footage of a mass brawl somewhere in Russia, the exact specifics of this punch-up are unknown except that it’s organised and there are people involved who appear to be acting as stewards. Both teams could be from the same town or city but it’s apparant they’ve all traveled to an isolated location for the dust-up as you can see coaches parked in the background.

As for the prick in the grey jogging bottoms who stays on the fringes of it all just to administer a range of cowardly kicks to the heads of downed opponents, he truly needs his clock cleaned.