Sun Storm To Hit Earth Tonight.

Apparently we might be subjected to power cuts and electrical interference and disruption tonight due to electrical charged particles entering the earth’s atmosphere.

Computers, mobile phones, televisions and other electrical devices may be effected after scientists recorded one of the biggest geomagnetic storms on the sun in the last 30 years at 10.54am yesterday morning. One benefit to this fire drill for the end of the world could be that the particle fallout creates a widespread natural light show across Britain in the form of the Northern Lights. Scientists have categorised this solar flare as an X18-category explosion, which basically means planet-wide radio blackouts may be expected along with additional interference.

Although the charged particles present no direct danger to people on the ground, they could have a devastating effect on electrical equipment. If you want to know more about this story or watch a video taken from a NASA spacecraft which shows the solar flare heading to Earth, chart a course for HERE.