Canadian Football Team Smash!

Apparently the story behind this video is the team in orange, from Montreal, took to the stands and started trading punches with the rival team’s fans from Ontario after a Football Conference semi-final game . The team allege that they had endured racial slurs during the game from the fans and had been pelted with beer bottles.

As you will see there is no security present and the clash is allowed to rumble on for far too long. Resulting in what appears to be a serious injury at the 1.18 mark, where a fan wearing a red jersey is sucker punched and then stamped on by the players. What’s even more amazing is that local police have since confirmed that no charges will be brought.

We’ve played and continue to play team sports here at HMS Friday and we’ve always been instructed to conduct ourselves on the pitch with disciplined reserve. If events happen, which you feel strongly about, then you can file an official complaint or report after a match. The coaching staff  look like they have a nightmare job on their hands with this bunch who may have already damaged their future prospects in the game irreparably. If you want to know more about this story chart a course for HERE.