Hollywood To Make Robot Version Of Forrest Gump.

Many movie websites are reporting the news that director J.J. Abrams, (Spielberg Jnr), will be producing a sci-fi movie called Boilerplate: History’s Mechanical Marvel, based on a graphic novel comic of the same name.

What is Boilerplate?

Well, back in 2000 a chap called Peter Guinan designed a website detailing the faux history of a robot called Boilerplate, (which coincidentally reminded us of THIS), which was constructed in the late 19th century and took part and interacted with famous historical figures and events. On the site Peter posted up some clever photo-shopped images featuring the robot with the likes of Teddy Roosevelt and Pancho Villa. Some visitors, (devoted X Factor fans and Croc shoe wearers), actually believed the story and history of Bolierplate,  and the site became the centre of an unintentional hoax. In 2002 Peter gave an interview where he stated:

“Certainly I felt happy about having achieved my goal. I put this thing across as trying to be real, and people bought into it. So, that’s a success! But, as an amateur historian, I feel a responsibility to get the story right. So I felt bad about some of these people being hoaxed. It was a mixed bag.”

Well feel bad no more Peter, for your Internet photoshoppery and knowledge of the dark arts have won you a Hollywood movie deal. That’s right, millions of dollars are now to be spent making a Metal Mickey steampunk version of Forrest Gump, complete with actors fleshing out famous historical roles in a mesmerising story for the ages.