Russell Brand Vs Fox News Five.

There’s been an ongoing war of words between comedian Russell Brand and Fox News over the past few weeks. Brand has consistently dissected the methods and partisan tactics used by Fox to report their own brand of bias, which has obviously not gone too well with the broadcaster.

In his latest episode of The Trews, a series of YouTube videos highlighting and examining techniques used to report the news to the general public, Brand examines the vitriol expressed by Fox News Five towards his criticism of the broadcast organisation and more importantly the techniques they use to enforce their own criticism of the comedian.

CNN & Fox News Just Had The Worst News Day Ever!

If you didn’t know already Obama’s health-care legislation was upheld yesterday by the Supreme Court meaning that America for the first time joins the ranks of countries with similar national health care. Of course Fox News and CNN, either in their haste to gather those awkward things called ‘facts’, or through their very own disbelief at such a surprise ruling, didn’t report the right story.

They instead informed their viewers that the Supreme Court had in fact ruled against Obama’s health-care law. Until of course they actually took time out from speaking into camera to read the actual document.

(via Gawker)

Fox News Tells Wall St Protesters To Be More Like Lucy.

In an article which will quite literally melt your brain, thanks to the arsebackwardness level of intelligence it took to compose, Fox News have out lined five valuable lessons they feel the Occupy Wall Street protesters could learn from the 50s sitcom I Love Lucy to help them find a job.

No! Don’t you dare put that bong down! You read that sentence correctly the first time.

Loosely tying in the theme of the show’s diamond anniversary with current political events, (nothing like keeping in touch with your demographic), Fox News contributor and homophobe Cal Thomas writes:

¬†Here are five lessons “Lucy” teaches all of us about how to find a job:

1) Have a sense of humor. Lucy didn’t take herself too seriously and you shouldn’t, either.¬†

2) Take a job, any job. Lucy stomped on grapes, she worked in a chocolate factory and even tried to act as the spokesperson for “Vitameatavegimin.”

3) Loyalty to something higher than yourself. Lucy was devoted to her husband and to her neighbors, the Mertzes

4) Live within your means. Lucy and Ricky were Middle Class in the ’50s. Their little one – bedroom apartment was perfectly adequate for their needs.

5) Though she never succeeded in show business (her character,that is) she never stopped trying. That’s a life lesson for the Wall Street protestors and every other American who seems to have forgotten that persistence, more than talent and education, wins the day.

Of course the hilarious irony is Lucy was a fictional character who was played by a filty rich Hollywood actress and…here comes the kicker Cal, hold onto your right-wing, neo-con britches…was also a registered Communist. Ouch!

We would like to imagine Cal away from his office and out of his news slacks, relaxing back at his family home with his lovely wife and 2.4 children. A cherry red Studebaker parked in his driveway, a bright, white picket fence along the edge of his freshly cut lawn…and the dismembered bodies of two unfortunate prostitutes, who went missing three months ago, stuffed into a garbage can beside his garage.

“He was such a lovely man, so quiet. A church goer and an avid fan of I love Lucy. The whole neighbourhood’s shocked!”

(Big thanks to Grahame over at Past The Pixels for the tip.)


Hank Williams Jnr Thinks Obama Is Hitler!

Country and Western singer/songwriter Hank Williams Jnr, (the less succesfull son of Hank Williams), managed to turn a mild mannered interview on Fox News into car crash TV gold.

Appearing on Fox & Friends looking like the Una-bomber he announced that President Obama’s recent golf game with House Speaker John Boehner was a massive mistake and a lot of people didn’t like it, simply because it was:

…like Hitler playing golf with Benjamin Netanyahu.’

At which point the interview started to take on water like the Titanic and nothing could be done to save it as he started to ‘tell it like it is.’

As a result of this outrageous comment Williams Jnr has put himself in a bit of tight spot with sporting channel ESPN who use his songs for Monday Night Football and probably pay him a wad of cash which allows him to shop for such snazzy attire. But the glory days may be over as this week they dropped his music for the programme and speculation is rife his contract may be finished.


Reality Hits You Hard Bro!

Achivement Unlocked: Gained Internet Fame.

The video above is a prime example of how the human race will respond every-time a camera is stuck in their face. It was inevitable with the rise of YouTube, viral videos and reality television. Everyone wants to be a great, big shining star.

Although maybe we should just express our selves like this all the time: “Bam! Phoom! Boom! Could you pass the salt please?”

Apparently he wasn’t content with giving just the one interview and God bless him he does that thing with the hat again.

Crazy eHarmony Cat Lover Remix.

By now you’ve probably seen the video above of crazy cat lover Debbie who filmed herself for eHarmony online dating website and who went on an uncontrollable emotional rant about her undying devotion and obsession with cats. Of course thanks to news and media outlets across the land who refuse to report on real news her video became a ‘sensation‘.

It was, as we already suggested, a pile of horseshit and she was actually an actress trying to boost her profile, thanks to the debunking Pulitzer prise winning journalistic skills of Fox News. That said fun has definitely been had with the video by The Gregory Brothers who have songified the entire video something they previously did to great effect with the recent Charlie Sheen ‘winning‘ interview.

Jesus Christ how do we know this shit?

Fox News & Their Hilarious Coverage Of The NOTW Hacking Scandal.

If for some inexplicable reason the zombie apocalypse became a reality, we can be pretty confident that the only news channel the undead would watch would be Fox News.

There is too much to laugh at in this brief three minute segment but it’s interesting that the big issue that every other news outlet is missing with this story is the epidemic of ‘hacking‘, which by Fox’s definition appears to be some sort of uncontrollable disease which no-one is ultimately accountable for. Why can’t people just leave poor Mr Murdoch alone, hasn’t he suffered enough?