Rogue Wave Washes Old Couple Out To Sea.


This is how easy it is to be washed out to sea. You never turn your back on a raging ocean nor do you walk down the beach in the middle of a storm.

This video was taken earlier this year on the coast of France at Porsguen beach in Portsall by two holidaymakers, who came to the aid of an elderly couple caught out by a rogue wave. As the video demonstrates the wave comes out of nowhere and within seconds the elderly man is on his back and being dragged out by the tide.

The good news is everyone survived the ordeal and suffered only minor injuries, but the outcome could have been completely different if the holidaymakers had decided to stay in their hotel room that day.


Sky News Reporter Kay Burley Is Being Mocked on Twitter For Her Paris Dog Tweet.

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Putting aside, if it’s at all possible, the horrendous outcome of Friday night’s terrorist attacks in Paris, it was clear from the beginning that some media outlets and specific reporters had a questionable approach to the events unfolding in France.

Listening to a BBC correspondent urging a survivor who had witnessed and survived a bloodbath in a restuarant to ‘count the bodies’ lying around him was one thing, but Sky News reporter Kay Burley, (who is never far from controversy), has found herself at the centre of a Twitter ridiculing after posting up a picture of a dog, (above), with the caption ‘Sadness in his eyes’ followed by the hashtag #parisattacks.

Kay Burley has been dispatched to Paris to cover the atrocity and report on any updates from the French capital. However, legions of users on Twitter are claiming she has misjudged the mood by sensationalising an already shocking event and have reacted to her tweet by posting their own pictures with the hashtag #sadnessinhiseyes, a few of which you can see below.

Was she right to post the picture of that dog, claiming that it felt the sadness of Paris?

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European Catfish Now Hunt Pigeons.

The video above was taken over the River Tarn in southwestern France and shows a  number of large catfish stalking and ultimately killing pigeons on the river shoreline.

The footage has sent the scientific community into an excited tizzy with many claiming the catfish are now demonstrating ‘evidence of adaptive behaviour’ which is more common in dolphins and killer whales. With the fish, who aren’t mammals, crossing the water-land surface for food in new environments.

And if catfish weren’t scary enough.

Sink Me! Ludovic Giuly Is A Happy Drunk

Here’s French pro-footballer Ludovic Giuly, (Paris Saint-Germain), in a bar somewhere in France, three sheets to the wind stripping down to his tightie whities. Just like an embarrassing drunk uncle at a wedding. At least the man has character.