The Kid Loves Them Candles!

As kids we all had that one thing we were totally obsessed with, but if this young man isn’t snatched up by Yankee Candle to represent the yoof market to encourage kids to buy up their product, then they are missing out on something great. Something else that’s great is their Bahama Breeze, which smells like Mojitos by the ocean, with a hint of tanning lotion, a slice of sexy water melon and sand covered flip flops. (via I Heart Chaos)

*We love how this kid calls his purchases his ‘haul’. The boy’s a candle pirate.*

New scent Colombian Cartel proved strangely addictive.

Begad! Pee Wee Herman In SNL Digital Short.

Every now and then I get a little bit terrified and then I see the look in your eyes American sketch show Saturday Night Live will produce a short film ususally featuring staple performer Adam Sandberg and other notable guests. Last weekend they aired their latest offering starring none other than Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman. Some of us here found it funny others did not. You decide.

Security Guard Tackles Drunk Fan…With Head.

As the headline describes this is exactly what should happen to every attention seeking inebriated moron who strips half naked and takes to a pitch to interrupt any sport. No tazers, no tear gas, no batons just a good old dose of unecesarry roughness. Talent scouts should be trying to find out the name of that college security gaurd, although something tells us it may be David Dunn.

Crazy Chris Is Craaazy!

This is it, what you are about to watch is the beginning of the end for the human race. Television has succeeded in it’s mission of dumbing people down to the intelligence level of an amoeba. Reality based programmes coupled with panel driven talent shows dominate the airwaves and we are all suffering as a result. Well, we are at least. Here’s some footage of the German equivalent of Britain’s Got Talent, (Das Supertalent 2010), featuring Chris ‘Crazy Chris’ Lynam from London who strips down naked on stage, placesĀ  a firework in his derriere and lights it, all because he can.

Look at Chris...he's craaaazy!

Look at Chris...he's craaazy!

The fact that this is barely an act in itself and more like something your drunken mate would do in his own front room after drinking too much industrial strength cider, isn’t what depresses us, it’s the way the whole piece is edited for TV. Jump cut after jump cut, slow-motion close ups of unknown celebrity judges open mouthed in disgust, repeated footage from different angles and over the top music all play in a vain attempt to crank up the tension, all for a naked mental case on stage with a lit firework in his hole. You know, Mike Judge was right.