TikTok Video Shows Robbery Of Pub Fruit Machine In Front Of Customers.

There’s bold and then there’s brazen…and then there’s this.

Here’s a video, uploaded recently to TikTok, showing a young guy publicly robbing a fruit machine in a busy pub, while customers just sat and watched. The biggest take-away from this short video is just how many people allowed this to happen and didn’t intervene or even shout at the guy. Y’know they’re the same folk who usually mouth off ‘If I had been there it would’ve been a different story lad.’

They did nothing!

New Hell’s Club Movie Montage Takes A Trip To The Toilet.

We’ve featured the work of the brilliant film maker and movie montage genius Antonio Maria Da Silva on this site before with his videos Hell’s Club and Hell’s Club 2: Another Night. Here’s the latest instalment of his series entitled Bathroom Secrets: Hell’s Club.

It features pretty much every character to have ever appeared in a movie bathroom scene, spliced together seamlessly. Antonio’s synopsis is as follows:

The story takes place at the same time that the first night in HELL’S CLUB. There is a place where all fictional characters meet. . Outside of time, Outside of all logic, This place is known as HELL’S CLUB, But this club is not safe.

Scott Sterling’s Amazing Ball Blocking Face Is Back.

You might remember the name Scott Sterling. You should, he was the goalkeeper responsible for saving a a string of penalties with just his face, (see below).

Leaving football, (soccer), behind Sterling has found himself a new sport to excel at. Volleyball.

The Gorgeous Jennifer Garner Reads A Classic Bedtime Story.

It’s World Book Day today and as part of the celebrations Vanity Fair shot a video of Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner, reading the cult classic book Go The Fuck To Sleep by Adam Mansbach.

It’s not the first time the book has been read by a celebrity, a few years ago Samuel L Jackson recorded a reading of the full book for audible. Listen below.

Conan Vs A Network Censor.

Watch this hilarious meeting between late night talk show host Conan O’Brien and his network censor.

The conversation revolves around what Conan can and cannot, say, wear or do during his live broadcast shows, which the censor might deem as offensive or inappropriate.

Of course Conan, being Conan, takes it right to the edge.



A Most Eloquent Arrest.

The old news clip above of a man being arrested outside an Australian restaurant is currently sweeping through Facebook, on account of the hilarious manner in which he is apprehended.

Apparently the offender in the clip, being surrounded by coppers, was none other than former chef and Australian Over 60 Chess Champion, Paul Charles Dozsa, a man who took great pride in dining in the finest restaurants before dodging the bill. He had over 50 convictions for failing to pay for meals and often found himself behind bars for short stretches of time.

Unfortunately this eloquent chap sadly passed away in 2003 but his hilarious arrest lives on forever.

Conan Thrills The Ladies With His Magic Mike Moves.

Regular readers of this website, (yes, all two of you), will know we’re massive fans of US chat show host Conan O’Brien and in particular the videos he makes.

His latest addition might just be his best yet, which sees him attempt to recreate scenes from the recently released male stripper movie Magic Mike XXL, in front of his assistant and her friends as they prepare to got to the cinema and watch the movie.

He really is the king of making people feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Neighbour Has Public Meltdown Over Snow On His Property.

This video is starting to go viral and that’s no surprise.

Meet Gary, he’s the angry, shouty one who is throwing a hissy fit over the fact his neighbour Dan has somehow moved snow onto his property, which is already covered in snow.

The exchange leads to one of the greatest lines in history, uttered from Dan in defence of his actions:’It’s not my snow, this is not your snow this is the snow.’ So who’s right Gary or Dan?

One thing’s for sure these two would make a great sitcom together.