The R Rated Version Of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

No point in denying it any further the season is upon us, like it or not.

So to begrudgingly acknowledge this time of year here’s a very NSFW version of the song ‘What’s This?’ adapted from Tim Burton’s festive cult classic The Nightmare Before Christmas, entitled: ‘The Fuck?

College Humour Tell You What You Have To Watch.

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to watch on your TV. What series to begin and what films to download, (legally), these decisions are a minefield.

Well thanks to College Humour you now have some help, courtesy of their amazing Official List Of What You Have To Watch video.

Busty Woman Films GoPro Gym Session.

For many users of GoPro cameras the biggest challenge is coming up with original ways to use the equipment and record footage.

Now I’m not any exper,t but something leads me to believe this young lady, who filmed her entire gym routine with a GoPro camera, might have found a winning technique, even though her smile is giving me the creeps.

WWE’s Jim Ross Commentates Last Night’s Brazil v Germany Game.

The Internet is awash with memes and jokes today pertaining to Brazil’s decimation at the hands, (or feet), of Germany in last night’s 7-1 World Cup, semi-final trouncing.

As football fans the world over looked on in quite disbelief someone went and edited together a video of all the goals accompanied by commentary from WWE’s Jim Ross.