Comedians In Cars Getting Cocaine.

Anyone familar with Jerry Seinfeld’s webseries Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, where Jerry drives his guest around in a classic car, looking for coffee while chatting about their lives and showbiz careers, will love this little parody.

Here’s Comedians In Cars Getting Cocaine by “The Soup” host Joel McHale and “Veep” star Tony Hale.

Harrison Ford Reacts To David Blaine’s Magic.

Magician and former member of Leo DiCaprio’s Pussy Posse has been freaking out celebrities and Hollywood types over the last few weeks, by invading their space and homes and amazing them with all sorts of jiggery pokery. But the trick which he performs in the video above, (which to be fair is very impressive), at Harrison Ford’s house receives the best reaction yet from none other than Han Solo himself.

Heckler At A Comedy Show Drops Drugs On Stage.

This is taking the humiliation of a heckler to a fantastic new level and it basically required zero effort from the comedian in the firing line.

Jake Weisman was performing at the Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans at the weekend, when during his routine a drunk heckler started to intervene and ruin everyone else’s enjoyment, as drunk hecklers often do. Fair play to Weisman who handled the situation calmly by inviting the heckler to join him on stage, but just as he’s about to get the humiliation show started a beautiful thing happens, the heckler accidentally drops his cocaine stash on stage, in front of everyone.

It’s a ten minute long video and if, like most people on the Internet, you have the attention span of a gnat you can fast forward to 4.40 where things start to get interesting.

(via Film Drunk)


Labour Leader Iain Gray Is An Agent Of Danger.

We hate all political parties and politicians equally aboard our good vessel, so imagine our delight at the footage above as one of the biggest, most inept  leaders to ever grace the political stage in Scotland served us up a healthy slice of schadenfreude.

In a scene straight out of political satire series The Thick Of It Scottish Labour Leader and Quagmire look-alike Iain Gray bolted from Glasgow’s Central Station on foot this week from protesters angry about the possibility of job cuts. After a short chase through the city’s Union Street Gray took refuge in a nearby Subway sandwich outlet where he quickly became trapped.

Gray and his entourage were to stage a ‘meet the people‘ event, in the run up to the Scottish parliamentary elections on May 5th, at Central Station but a handful of protesters showed up to challenge the leader who decided that the best course of action would be to sidle slowly to one side before legging it. The man who famously ‘walked the killing fields of Cambodia, single handedly stormed the Libyan embassy in London in 84’ armed only with an industrial stapler and led the invasion of Iraq shirtless and on horseback, quickly found himself trapped in a sandwich shop which had no back door.

We can only imagine the ear roasting this tit had to take from Malcolm Tucker back at pary HQ.

Giggity and indeed giggity.


‘Put The F**king Lotion In The Basket.’

With a full day of swabbing down the decks here at HMS Friday some of the crew retired early last night for a showing of Silence Of The Lambs. Revisiting a classic film usually throws up some things you may have missed or forgotten about through the passages of time. The one main thing we hadn’t realised was that actor Ted Levine who played serial killer Jame Gumb aka Buffalo Bill in the movie and delivered the immortal line: “put the fucking lotion in the basket”, is the same guy who played Sergeant Tanner in The Fast And The Furious, (shush your mouth), and the ill fated Bosko in Heat. As a tribute to Levine and his excellent portrayal of a transsexual psychopath with an extreme hatred of women, here are two tribute fan videos featuring that infamous scene and line of dialogue remixed and re-imagined for comedic effect. Warning: NSFW language.