E3 2011 Re-Cap.

We never made the journey down to E3 this year…or any year for that matter. We sit in a tub anchored off the coast of Scotland, what the f@ck did you expect?

However, thanks to the wonders of the Interweb we have been able to keep up with all the latest news from the conference and there have been some pleasant surprises for those of us who can’t kiss girls or still live with our parents enjoy gaming.

Proceedings kicked off with Microsoft and you can watch their entire press conference…sorry, Global Media Briefing in parts One, Two, Three and Four.

Some of the highlights include: Tom Glancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier gameplay demo with Kinect, the implementation of voice command on Xbox Home with Bing search engine, gameplay demos of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Gears Of War 3 and Tomb Raider and the ability to watch and pause live television through the Xbox system.

Sly Cooper, the unveiling of the new portable Playstation Vita, Uncharted 3, a new affordable HD 3D TV which pretty much puts an end to annoying split screens during two player mode thanks to some magical glasses were just some of the highlights from the Sony press conference which you can watch in full in the following parts: One, Two, Three and Four

Nintendo went all out and hired a complete live orchestra for their stage show, which took the level of geekery to heady new embarrassing heights. Their announcements included a shit ton of new titles for the 3DS including Mario, Kid Icarus and Kirby, a look at the new Legend Of Zelda and the reveal of the new console the Nintendo Wii U which you can watch in parts One, Two, Three and Four.

Game developers EA showcased their wares, including a look at Battlefied 3 and Overstrike and a slew of demos for some of their latest sporting titles including FIFA, SSX and NBA which you can watch in parts One, Two, Three and Four.

Ubisoft also took to the stage with a  host who was either really nervous or had managed to score himself a bag of pure uncut Colombian marching powder a few minutes before his presentation, judge for yourself in parts One, Two, Three and Four.

So there you have it, hours of footage, tons of titles and some examples of technology which will fry your brain, (yet somehow we still can’t find the cure for cancer?), below you will find some of our favourite trailers and footage of gameplay featured at this year’s E3. Enjoy.

Avast! Overstrike Trailer. E3 2011.

E3 is currently underway over in Los Angeles where the latest games and software for consoles and PCs are showcased to a throbbing crowd of sweaty virgins gaming enthusiasts.

Our good friend Grahame over at Past The Pixels gave us the heads up on this trailer for  Electronic Arts latest game Overstrike, a first person shooter from developer Insomniac Games, (Ratchet & Clank, Resistance), which, as Grahame as already hinted, looks like a Quentin Tarantinoesque version of Pixar’s The Incredibles.

COD DLC Features Machete, Buffy, Freddy & Henry.

Games developer Treyarch have released the first official trailer and gameplay videos for Escalation, the second  map pack  in yet a further continuation of downloadable content for their blockbusting title Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

As well as the standard four new maps it’s the additional zombie content which looks a little special, this time around. Presented in a Grindhouse style, the trailer above showcases gameplay and elements of the Call Of The Dead as four protagonists, Danny Trejo (Machete), Sarah Michelle Gellar, (Buffy), Robert Englund, (Freddy Kruger), and Michael Rooker, (Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer), go head to head with the zombie horde aboard an ice bound ship in a frozen wasteland.

Now word yet on whether you’ll be able to play as each of these characters in a Left 4 Dead style co-op match, but once again Activision are tempting even more money from our wallets with this line-up.

N.B: Why didn’t they give Bruce Campbell a gig in this game?

L.A. Noire Has A Star Studded Cast Of Whatstheirnames.

Right we’ve danced the Hempen jig enough over Rockstar’s latest game La Noire but in their very latest trailer for the 1940s themed, sandbox detective game, entitled Investigation & Interrogation, we couldn’t help but notice a few familiar faces.

The technology used to realistically recreate the faces of those actors and actresses used in the game is known as MotionScan, a new system for 3D motion capture, and as you can see from the video above the results are breathtaking. Long gone are the days of trying to figure out the actor who voices your favourite in-game character as you can easily determine who it is from their almost identical CGI doppelgangers.

Michael Gladis who plays Paul Kinsey in the hit series of Mad Men and apparently appeared in that Liam Nesson and Harrison Ford submarine Russkie flick K-19 The Widowmaker.

Greg Grunberg the cop from Heroes.

Brain Krause who played Leo Wyatt in Charmed and also popped up in an episode of Mad Men.

Patrick Fischler who played obnoxious comedian Jimmey Barret in Mad Men, Phil in Lost and Detective Kenny ‘no-gun’ in Southland

We’re going out on a limb with this one but we’re pretty sure that’s Courtney Gains, famous for his role as Hans Klopek in The Burbs and Sgt Eugene McVey in Memphis Belle.

Did you spot any more?

Doubloons! Links From The Briny Deep.

We scour the salty depths of the internet on a daily basis to find hidden treasures. Then we hoist the sails and chart a course for home laden down with all the best pop culture links we could find. Here’s today’s:

The theme tune to Jurassic Park slowed down to run a full hour. Haunting stuff. You really need to listen to this (via Slashfilm)

A collection of all the best viral photos from last week. (via The Chive)

How not to suck at Call Of Duty: Black Ops (via Game Trailers).

Ten of the most fascinating conspiracy theories of 2010 (via Trutv).

The pant wettingly hilarious online comic Dog Fort (via Dog-Fort)

A list of Television’s nicest bad guys (via UGO)

Barcelona’s Gerard Pique may be shacking up with Shakira (via The Spoiler)

Which also reminds us of this:

Man  shoots at a house fire with his gun (via Anorak News).

Full review of Joe Dante’s The Hole on DVD via Den Of Geek.