Game Trailer For Dr Who: The Eternity Clock.

Here’s the first official look at the new Dr Who video game which is set for release this coming March.

First off before you get all preachy about the inferior quality of the graphics that’s because it’s a PSN, (Playstation Network), title, but to be fair it still looks a bit shit for a platformer, then again what did you expect it is Dr Who…(oh yes we did).

Players will be up against the most feared monsters from the Doctor Who universe — the Cybermen, Daleks, Silurians and the Silence. 
Take control of both the Doctor and River Song to unravel the mystery of The Eternity Clock in March 2012. The clock is ticking…

Netflix Is Now Available In The UK.

If you happen to own a PS3, Xbox 360 or even a Nintendo Wii you might have noticed an unfamiliar addition to your dashboard, the Netflix streaming app, which allows you to watch movies instantly through your games console or PC.

Basically Netflix is like Lovefilm except for the fact that they don’t let you rent DVDs by post, instead you can watch them instantly through their streaming service on your TV or PC for as little as £5.99 a month. Like most new company start ups in this country your first month’s subscription is free so we jumped at the chance to try out their service. We could write an article reviewing exactly what kind of game changing elements Netflix are bringing to the table and that the days of renting DVDs may well and truly be a thing of the past, but our good friend Grahame Gallacher has already penned an in-depth article.

If you want to know exactly what Netflix are offering and how their service holds up against other established UK movie rental services then head over to Past The Pixels and read Grahame’s excellent online article.


Randy Savage Mod For Skyrim.

Some rather clever dweeb out there has managed to come up with a special mod for the PC version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which turns all the dragons in the game into some hybrid skinny version of the late great WWF wrestling star Randy Savage, complete with designer stubble, cowboy boots and pink stetson hat.

We’d all gladly take an arrow to the knee to look this sexy.

(via I Heart Chaos)

HMS Friday’s Top Game Of 2011.

Tis that time again when that big ball of fire dips down behind the hill and another year passes.

Let’s keep this brief as there’s drinking to be done today and regrets to be mulled over. It really was a year jam packed with triple A titles and if you enjoy gaming you’d be forgiven for being a little overwhelmed with major release following major release in quick succession. Apart from draining all your funds some of these games turned out to be near masterpieces Batman Arkham City, Uncharted 3 and Portal 2 to name but a few.

However one game stood out from the pack a beautifully crafted, highly detailed and enormous in scope Skyrim floored us when we first unsheathed our Dwarven Axe of Frost Damage and donned our horned helmet and stepped out onto the tundra. A sumptuous gaming experience for anyone with even a fleeting interest in the fantasy genre, although there are reports the game is broken if you play it on the PS3, we’ve logged in a fair few hours and fingers crossed our potion of Resist Major Game Bug seems to be working.

Avast! Trailer For The Last Of Us.

Well this looks like horseshit!

*takes of sarcastic dress, pulls on sincere dungarees*

A 14 carot gold pile of horseshit. What’s not to like about this trailer for Naughty Dog’s horror survival game The Last Of Us which looks like a hybrid blend of I Am Legend and 28 Days Later?

The plot rattles around like so:

Cities are abandoned and being reclaimed by nature. Remaining survivors are killing each other for food, weapons and whatever they can find. Joel, a ruthless survivor, and Ellie, a young teenage girl who’s braver and wiser beyond her years, must work together to survive their journey across what remains of the United States.

The reason we have high hopes for this game is that developers Naughty Dog are proven leaders in the industry what with their Uncharted, Crash Bandicoot and Jak franchises firmly under their belt. We’ve always maintained that the first company to develop an open world sand box style game, in the same vein as GTA, but with an apocalyptic theme will have a runaway success on their hands.

The Last Of Us will be available exclusively for the PS3 towards the end of 2012.

Our Bitesized Uncharted 3 Review.

Indiana Jones on rails.

Lush graphics and exciting set pieces make up for a pretty poor combat mechanic, (don’t get us started on the shooting aspect of this game). Solid plot and voice characterisations make for a heavy weight title you’ll thoroughly enjoy, even if it is a bit on the short side. This must be the first game to feature a boat graveyard.

Seastate: Spray/Foam.


Michael Bay Trailer For Need For Speed: The Run.

The opening credit reads: ‘A trailer through the eyes of Michael Bay.’ WTF? Does this mean that while we’re watching this trailer we’re actually inside movie director Michael Bay’s head, watching the same trailer that he’s watching only he has no idea we’re watching the same trailer while we’re all crammed inside of his head? And cue sound effect.

This is in fact the commercial advert for the soon to be released game Need For Speed: The Run, where players have to race from San Francisco to New York to save their lives, or win a prize, or steal a kiss from a good looking girl or save Macaulay Culkin from a swarm of angry bees, who cares it’s just a driving game. You know if we hadn’t been informed before we saw this trailer that Michael Bay had directed it we would never have known…not even from stills like the ones below…never…nope…not in a million years…no way.



MW3’s Davis Family Vacation Scene Is Bound To Cause A Rumpus.

The new Call Of Duty game, scheduled for release this coming Tuesday, is sure to cause controversy with more than just one or two overpaid tabloid journalists.

The video below, (SPOILER ALERT), shows a cut scene from the game entitled ‘Davis Family Vacation‘ and is played out entirely through the husband/father’s POV with a hand held camera. He’s filming his daughter and wife enjoying their holiday on the streets of London when…KABLOOEY!

We’re a cynical bunch but we couldn’t help but think this was more of a deliberate move by the game’s developers to drum up some scandal, (nothing sells a game more than controversy), rather than expand or enrich the storyline. This isn’t the first time developers Infinity Ward or publishers Activision have rolled out near-the-knuckle content, Modern Warfare 2 came under critical fire back in 2009, when the infamous ‘No Russian‘ airport sequence sent journalists positively mental, as players had the option of partaking in a massacre of innocent civilians at a Russian airport.

What we can’t understand is why a child being blown to smithereens or a horrific bloodbath in a public facility is considered palatable enough content for a PG-13 rated game by Infinity Ward and Activision, yet for some strange reason they get all offended that their good name may be sullied if a porn star turns up at their game’s launch party?

Violence good. Sex bad!

That said, there’s nowt here you wouldn’t see in a Hollywood blockbuster. They’ve been killing off kids for years. Take Macauly Culkin in My Girl for example, they executed the poor wee mite by a swarm of angry bees. You callous Hollywood bastards!




8 Things We Noticed In The GTA:V Trailer.

So the countdown is over and Rockstar have allowed the gaming world a sneak peak at their latest addition to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, GTA:V. It’s quite obviously a revamped and highly polished San Andreas, no doubt a lot larger and more detailed than the original and as fanboys clash with one another on forums across the Internet let us take this opportunity to highlight some interesting things we found in the trailer. Don’t worry we’re only highlighting eight elements of the trailer which caught our interest, if you want a full clinical autopsy head over to Past The Pixels, where our good friend Grahame has meticulously picked apart every frame.

1. Animals.

The very first shot of the trailer reveals a stereotypical LA/Californian setting, but on closer inspection we can clearly see a dog. Does this mean for the first time in the GTA franchise players will be able to have domestic pets? Will you be able to set your dog on characters or in contrast escape from dogs which have been set on you? Notice the seagulls will be making a welcome return too, will there be a similar pigeon, (flying rat), trophy to be earned and is that a Kayak propped up against the lifegaurd station? Kayaking out on the open ocean? Sounds good to us.

2. The Pleasure Beach.

In amongst the scantily clad joggers there’s a banner sign on the boardwalk which reads: ‘Pleasure Beach.’ Will this mean that players can have all the fun of the fair? Roller coasters, Ferris wheels, ghost trains and stall games are certainly features we would love to have in the game.

 3. That Jet Ski.

Rockstar have always been known for their black, twisted humour which plays a major part in their games. So it’s comforting to know they’ve continued with that tradition, just look at the name of this Jet Ski: “Speedo Phile 2000.”

 4. Character Customisation & Body Modification.

In the original San Andreas one of the unique elements of the game was the ability to modify your character either aesthetically with jewellery, clothing, tattoos and hair stylings or physically by hitting the gym and piling on the body mass. During the trailer we see a female cross a street, she has a large tattoo on her upper arm and in the background their are shop signs for ‘piercings’ and ‘wigs’. Later we see a beach front open-air weights gym. Could these features be a hint that the customisable character elements of the game are back?

5. The Return Of Planes.

One missing element of GTA: IV, (Liberty City), which disappointed a lot of players was the lack of planes, but hopefully, judging by the trailer, that particular type of aircraft will be making a welcome return with shots of a bi-plane, military jet and private jet. Helicopters were also featured and could it be that Rockstar have also thrown in Zeppelins? Check the top right of the golf course picture.

  6. A Mixture Of Terrain.

One of the greatest things about San Andreas were the diverse locations, from stifling city streets to the open beach and towering mountainous countryside, players had a massive sandbox to play in. The snap above shows some spectacular scenery, some contrast to the grubby city streets featured throughout the trailer, but will it be included as playable terrain in the game?

  7. Customisable Pads

Check out the lush crib above situated in what looks like the Vinewood Hills. There’s a lot of furnishings on both floors, will this mean that you can design your house to suit the tastes and personality of your playable character? Yes, it would be verging on Sims territory but the original San Andreas was all about customisation so will Rockstar not only continue that theme but expand upon it?

 8. Boozing.

In one of the final shots of the trailer we can see a drunk gentleman being unceremoniously booted out of a nightclub which would suggest that being able to consume alcohol and getting into a right old state will once again be a feature of the game. Rockstar included the ability to booze in GTA: IV and more recently Red Dead Redemption, so it would make sense that they would carry it into GTA:V.

There you have it eight simple possible features we noticed in the trailer which might or might not be included elements of the game. One thing’s for sure Rockstar really do know how to whip up a frenzy in the gaming community and no wonder, just look at it!

Saints Row’s Website Doesn’t Recognise The UK

We hopped on the official website for the soon to be released sandbox game Saints Row: The Third this afternoon, to create our very own in game character but were disappointed to find that the United Kingdom has vanished as a country of origin.

The Initiation Station allows gamers to customise their very own game characters which can be used during the Beta launch of the game, (we were going for a Scottish pirate look, kilt, eye-patch and no underpants), but during the sign-up process for the site only England is recognised as the sole UK country of origin. Don’t misinterpret our point here, (even though we are Scottish), it’s not England’s fault but this oversight on the developer’s part can only really be because:

1. The American game developers have never used a map.


2. They were too lazy to write out the words ‘United Kingdom’.

Come on THQ think how difficult it must be for all your Scottish, Welsh and Irish fans to relinquish their patriotism and succumb to clicking on ‘England‘ as their country of origin.

*puts down claymore, takes off kilt and washes blue war paint from face*