Afternoon Dubloons – Links In Brief(s)

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Stuff which what we found interestin’.


Police officer in Ferguson caught on film telling protestors ‘I will fucking kill you‘, whilst pointing his gun – (Boing Boing)

Girl transforms mouth into famous cartoon characters with makeup – (Sploid)

Jackass star Steve-O raises a point about those ice bucket challenges – (Holy Moly)

A mystery condition gives a boy in India enormous 40-pound hands – (Gamma Sqaud)

Rocket Racoon could have looked vastly different from how he ended up looking – (Slash Film)

Jimmy Fallon and Pierce Brosnan playing Goldeneye on the N64 – (Nerdist)

Spain’s ‘Google Tax’ will charge companies to link to articles – (The Independent)

How Call Of Duty is using casino psychology to keep you playing – (Games Radar)





Is This The Rumoured Feature Which Could Sink The New Xbox?

xbox logo

There’s been a lot of chatter on forums and through Twitter recently of a rumoured feature for the next-gen Xbox which could seriously damage it’s competitive edge against Sony and the PS4.

Up till now there’s been nothing more than conjecture but the overall feeling was that this feature could be a make-or-break deal for consumers. Now it seems there’s a little more light on the subject thanks to an article over at Games Radar, which contains details that the next Xbox may have to remain online at all times when in use, a claim which has been deemed as ‘entirely legitimate’.

This revelation coupled with recent leaks about the new console being unable to play previously owned or rented titles due to activation codes does not bode well for Xbox owners and fans. If you’d like to know more about this story then chart a course for HERE.

Morning Links In Brief(s)

Stuff which what we found interestin'.

Long Island bodies may be the work of a serial killer…you think? – (The Independent)

The MET are getting ready to buy water cannons for any future public unrest. V For Vendetta anyone? – (The Guardian)

Hallucinogenic drugs may help people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and terminal illness – (LA Times)

Two million people have been beaten to death with a giant purple dildo – (Games Radar)

Your laptop’s WiFi may be damaging your chances of having any children – (Mashable)

Varying levels of caffeine in coffee shops may pose a risk to pregnant women – (BBC Scotland)

Siri on the iPhone is anti-abortion – (Buzz Feed)

Seth Rogen criticises the Academy and defends friend James Franco – (Boffo)

Grand Theft Auto V Officially Announced.

Looks like all the Internet rumours were true as gaming giants Rockstar have finally announced that a fifth Grand Theft Auto game is in the pipeline and a first teaser trailer for the game is set to be released as early as November 2nd.

A company notorious for their secrecy regarding future projects have, in an age of Internet leaks, managed the impossible and kept everything there is to know about this latest installment close to their chests. Nothing is known about the new game in regards to plot, location or size but knowing Rockstar it’ll be just as detailed and involved as previous GTA games and will no doubt keep Daily Mail journalists busy once more.

(via Games Radar)

Real Fallot Pip-Boy 3000.

As massive fans of the action role-playing games Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas this fully functional Pip-Boy 3000, (Personal Information Processor-Boy, a device which houses an inventory and various player characteristics), is somewhat amazing.

Constructed by a technical whizz-kid, known only as MyMagicPudding on YouTube, this operational real-life version of the in-game device may not be the only one out there but it certainly looks like the best. Yes, it may be completely useless on a practical level but as a collectible for tragic, lonely gamers who spend hours sitting in front of the warming glow of thier consoles dressed only in loose fitting clothes it’s a must, even though it’s still only in a prototype stage.

It works. Hallelujah!

On the video’s official YouTube page MyMagicPudding explains:

It consists of an HTC Desire HD as the screen and processor, and an Arduino Uno with a USB host shield running microbridge to act as an ADB host for the phone. The Arduino then sends button presses to the phone via TCP over USB. The casing is a cast made by Skruffy over at , it’s amazing!

It came out quite well, with a few problems:

– I couldn’t fit the potentiometer for the dial inside (the phone is in the way), so I mounted it on the front. I wasn’t too bothered by that as I think it looks fairly cool.

– The phone and the Arduino and the battery take up so much room that I can’t fit my arm in anymore, making it kind of hard to use as a costume accessory to SDCC 2011 as I had planned.

– The electronics consist of some stripboard and lots and lots of loose wires. My soldering is pretty dodgy and the result is quite flaky; lights go out and buttons stop working as it is moved around. It’s my first electronics project though so I’ve learned a lot and I think I can improve it.

(via Games Radar)