Game Trailer For Dr Who: The Eternity Clock.

Here’s the first official look at the new Dr Who video game which is set for release this coming March.

First off before you get all preachy about the inferior quality of the graphics that’s because it’s a PSN, (Playstation Network), title, but to be fair it still looks a bit shit for a platformer, then again what did you expect it is Dr Who…(oh yes we did).

Players will be up against the most feared monsters from the Doctor Who universe — the Cybermen, Daleks, Silurians and the Silence. 
Take control of both the Doctor and River Song to unravel the mystery of The Eternity Clock in March 2012. The clock is ticking…

Deus Ex Live Action Trailer Is Horrifying.

The scariest aspect of this amazing live-action trailer for the soon to be released first-person video game Deus Ex – Human Revolution, is that although it’s plot is firmly grounded in sci-fi/fantasy it’s not that too far removed from reality.

The game is said to deal with the ethics of transhumanism, which in itself is the stuff of real nightmares.

Avast! Saints Row The Third Gameplay Video.

We’ve always been fans of open world, sandbox games and with Rockstar pretty much proving that they have that genre sewn-up it’s refreshing to find a company who have the balls to take them on at their very own game…(excuse the pun).

Competing with the likes of Grand Theft Auto is always going to be a mine field, players will be constantly comparing and criticising, but developers Volition Inc managed to create a world with Saints Row that although similar in basic premise differed greatly in game-play and structure with a more anarchic approach to proceedings, going light with realism and heavy with arcade action .


Yep, that's exactly what you think it is.

Now with their latest installment for their franchise, Saints Row The Third, scheduled for release in November it appears that they’ve ratcheted the chaos, the fun, the anarchy, the over-the-top cartoon violence and the profanity to a whole new level as the seven minute long game-play video demonstrates. From specialised fighting moves and outrageous costumes, to sex toy weapons and people cannons, Saints Row The Third may have finally given Rockstar a crushing nut shot.

Avast! Zip-lines In New Call Of Duty DLC.

It’s that time again when gaming companies start to turn the vice and squeeze as much money out of your wallet as possible. The first downloadable map pack for last year’s highly successful first person shooter Call Of Duty: Black Ops is gearing up for release on February 1st. It will probably mark the first of three pieces of downloadable content for the game and just like before they’ve included some tempting new qualities which they hope will hook you into buying.

Avast! Batman: Arkham City Trailer.

Holy Schnikes Batman! Here’s the trailer for the sequel to Warner Bros Interactive Entertainament’s highly popular console game Batman: Arkham Asylum, which proved itself a smash hit with gamers across different platforms. This new game, Batman: Arkham City, promises to expand on all the elements that made it predecessor so successful, while at the same time expanding on Batman’s story and adding in a new villain Prof  Hugo Strange.

Did I lock the front door?

Avast! Rockstar’s LA Noire Trailer.

Following on from their highly successful Western themed sand box game Red Dead Redemption, gaming giants Rockstar have proudly unveiled the first official trailer to their highly anticipated new title LA Noire. Set in the city of Los Angeles in the 1940s , drawing obvious inspiration from the likes of LA Confidential, Chinatown and other film noir from the same era, the game is centred around a young detective and his efforts to crack a series of mysterious murders. The game was announced over six years ago and fans have been in a state of anxious anticipation since then. Obviously, with all of their titles, it will be a well researched game giving players that specific feel of authenticity Rockstar are known for.

One thing we did notice was how the lead character looks uncannily like actor Aaron Staton, whose most famous role to date is that of Ken Cosgrove in the excellent 50s drama series Mad Men. What do you think?