Avast! New Trailer For Monsters: Dark Continent.

Here’s the latest trailer for Tom Green’s, (Misfits), sequel to Gareth Edwards 2010 original movie Monsters.

Monsters: Dark Continent picks up a full ten years after the first film and deals with the monumental task that the U.S. Army has containing the beasts.

Dark Continent goes on general release in the UK on September 26th.

Avast! Trailer For Godzilla.

For some time now there’s been a fair amount of hand wringing over the much anticipated reboot of the Godzilla franchise and for good reason, if you’ve ever watched Roland Emmerich’s failure pile of a movie back in 1998.

Last night the first official trailer dropped and the Internet went crazy, especially over what looks like a pivotal scene from the movie involving a Halo Jump. Directed by Gareth Edwards who gave us the criminally underrated sci-fi flick Monsters in 2010 the film also stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, (Kick-Ass). It’s due for release in May 2014.