Reality Hits You Hard Bro – Songified.

For the two of you who read this site you may remember that a while back we posted up a story about a guy called George Lindell who was involved in a car crash in Phoenix, Arizona.

Pretty mundane story until you watch the interview he gave with a local news channel. To say he was a little over enthusiastic in describing how the crash happened is an understatement, obviously he gained almost instant Internet fame, (not that he deliberately sought to, oh no). Regardless, the good and talented people Gregory Brothers have now ‘songified‘ Lindell’s interview to hilarious effect.

Here’s the original:


Reality Hits You Hard Bro!

Achivement Unlocked: Gained Internet Fame.

The video above is a prime example of how the human race will respond every-time a camera is stuck in their face. It was inevitable with the rise of YouTube, viral videos and reality television. Everyone wants to be a great, big shining star.

Although maybe we should just express our selves like this all the time: “Bam! Phoom! Boom! Could you pass the salt please?”

Apparently he wasn’t content with giving just the one interview and God bless him he does that thing with the hat again.